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Kevin Lee had no idea he finished Michael Chiesa on poop stain

Kevin Lee shares his thoughts on the infamous UFC Fight Night 112 poopgate and whether Chiesa can expect a rematch.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Chiesa vs Lee Sean Pokorny-USA TODAY Sports

The main event of UFC Fight Night 112 ended in some serious controversy after referee Mario Yamasaki stopped the bout early during a rear naked choke Kevin Lee had locked around Michael Chiesa's neck. While Chiesa looked like he was passing out, he jumped to his feet the second the fight was waved off to protest the stoppage. And while the incident has fired up a lot of fans (and UFC president Dana White), winner Kevin Lee doesn't seem that troubled by the finish. He’s more worried about doing it right where Justine Kish had pooped onto the canvas earlier in the night.

“I'm telling you right now I had no idea,” he told TMZ Sports. “I was in a car riding on the way back to the hotel and somebody said 'Yo, how did that girl poop herself?’ I was like ‘What?’ There should have been a disclaimer or something! And actually when I got back to the hotel I asked Felice about it because I seen her, and she said that she smelt it and she thought it was a fart.”

“I'm telling you right here, right now, that I'm so glad Mario stopped my fight because if [Chiesa] would have s**t himself, I would have tapped. I would have stopped the fight myself.”

The finish itself was much less of a problem.

“(Chiesa) went limp,” Lee said during the post event press conference (via MMA Junkie). “You can see he’s fighting the choke. I switch from palm to palm; as soon as I do, his arms go limp. Mario’s a very experienced ref ... Mario saw it and stopped the fight. If he wouldn’t have, there was still 45 seconds left in the fight. I don’t see what the controversy is about. It wasn’t like I was going to let go.”

While Chiesa himself claims he was just about to bring his arms back up to muscle out of the hold, many other seem to agree that he was probably screwed. The debate largely lies in whether a ref should step in and stop a fighter from going out cold or if said fighter deserves every opportunity to escape the hold, even up to the point of unconsciousness.

While fights have been stopped for less on strikes, blood chokes are a bit different in that getting put out doesn't actually cause any serious damage to a fighter's health. If they choose to go out fighting one, who is the ref to step in and stop it?

As for Lee, he's perfectly happy fighting Chiesa again if there's demand.

“I will just for the easy money, but it will wake me up a bit more to fight one of these big names,” he said. Names like Khabib Nurmagomedov, specifically.

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