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UFC Fight Night 112 results: Dennis Siver decisions BJ Penn, now loser of five straight fights

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UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez v Penn Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

B.J. Penn faced off with Dennis Siver in a Featherweight fight between long-time veterans tonight (Sun., June 25, 2017) at UFC Fight Night 112 inside Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Okla., on FOX Sports 1.

Penn, of course, is an all-time great, but has fallen far from the halcyon days when he dominated the Lightweight division and even took the Welterweight crown from Matt Hughes. Siver was once firmly ensconced in the Featherweight Top 10, but had never regained momentum after the drubbing he received at the hands of Conor McGregor.

Both fighters battled back-and-forth for 15 full minutes and in the end it was Siver who walked away with a majority decision, marking the fifth straight loss inside the Octagon for “The Prodigy.”

Penn took the center of the Octagon right away. Siver was lifting the lead knee, and dove for a single-leg takedown. Siver pressed Penn up against the cage, but was unable to overcome’s Penn’s famous flexibility and balance. Penn tried to get his jab going, but was having a little trouble getting past the lead leg kicks and knees of Siver. He pushed Siver up against the cage briefly. Siver was not being shy about popping his own jab in Penn’s face. Siver landed with his famous spinning back kick. Siver seemed to hurt BJ with a left hook that knocked his mouthpiece out. BJ ate a body kick and countered with two body hooks. Siver attempted a spinning heel kick. Siver was outworking Penn by a lot, and landed a high kick as Penn attempted to pressure at the end of the first round.

Penn was still looking for the jab at the beginning of round two. His corner had instructed him to take the fight down. Siver kept up a steady diet of kicks to the legs, jabs, and hooks. Penn got into the pocket and managed to tag Siver in an exchange. Siver, unfazed, went back to his offense and landed a high kick. Out of nowhere, Penn landed a rear uppercut that knocked Siver down. He moved in and Siver attempted an armbar, but Penn escaped easily and moved to side control. He moved to knee on belly, then back to side control. He didn’t land much offense, seemingly content with just controlling Siver. Right at the end he attempted to posture and land a little ground and pound, but the bell sounded before he was able to get much going.

Siver opened the last round with an inside leg kick. He threw a jab and a couple front kicks. Penn was backing up, and ate a combination. They exchanged jabs as Siver pressured. Siver landed another jab, then missed with a wheel kick. He landed a spinning back kick. BJ landed a counter jab. Siver threw a right hand behind his jab, then just missed with a cross-hook-high kick. Siver hit another spinning back kick, a leg kick, and a high kick. He hit a low kick-head kick combination. Penn was offering virtually no offense. Siver landed a rear straight, then a left hook. He began to pour on pressure with Penn winded against the cage, but his kicks missed and Penn moved off. Siver backed him up again and landed a dangerous-looking combination. Penn had nothing left in the tank as the round wound down. Siver axe kicked Penn in the face for good measure, and the fight ended with Penn barely moving, listless and drained.

This was a sad fight for Penn, who — other than the flash knockdown in the second round — offered nothing against Siver. In the post-fight interview, Siver said the knockdown wasn’t that bad, and that Penn is one of his biggest wins in the sport.

Official result: Siver def. Penn by majority decision (28-28, 29-28, and 28-27)

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