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The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) ‘Redemption’ results, recap, and discussion (Ep. 10)

Episode 10 is titled “Time to Smash.”


Episode 10 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): “Redemption” was back on FOX Sports 1 last night (Weds., June 21, 2017), featuring a cast of ex-TUF guys trying to redeem themselves and earn another crack at UFC superstardom under the tutelage of head coaches Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw.

If you missed last week’s episode click here for our complete recap.

We kick things off with a preview for both remaining quarterfinal fights, featuring Jesse Taylor vs. Hayder Hassan and James Krause vs. Ramsey Nijem, then some more hijinks from Coach Dillashaw and Coach Garbrandt.

Since we have two fights in this episode, we go right to the weigh ins for Taylor vs. Hassan, who are quite fond of one another, and Team Dillashaw is branding its “Killashaw” t-shirts. That leads to another argument about Team Alpha Male vs. Elevation MMA.


Both fighters make weight without incident -- aside from bickering on the bench. Former UFC fighters Justin Buchholz and Danny Castillo get in on the action and the competing fighters are butthurt over all the distractions.

170 lbs.: Hayder Hassan (6-3) vs. Jesse Taylor (30-15)

Round 1: No touch of gloves and Hassan opens with a leg kick. Taylor shoots for the single but can’t get it. They break away and Taylor shoots again, driving Hassan into the cage and dragging him to the floor. Hassan gives up his back and ends up in a bad position but also manages to roll out and get back to his butt. Taylor rolls him over and works from side control. Hassan once again gives up his back but has wrist control. Taylor rains down punches. Hassan defends but also loses the wrists. Taylor gets an arm under the neck and it’s only a matter of time before he taps.

Final result: Taylor def. Hassan by submission (rear-naked choke)

Following the fight, Hassan apologizes for losing. Taylor is jumping around acting excited. His hands might be garbage, but if hulking “JT Money” gets you to the floor — especially in the opening frame when he’s fresh — it’s curtains.

We go right to the weigh ins for the next bout featuring Nijem vs. Krause, two solid UFC veterans. Both fighters hit their marks and pay their respects, as they have a friendly relationship outside the cage.

170 lbs.: Ramsey Nijem (9-6) vs. James Krause (23-7)

Round 1: No touch of gloves and Krause opens with a low kick. Nijem rushes in with punches and Krause hops on his bicycle, then hits a reactive takedown. Nijem forced to work off his back and Krause positioning from side control. Krause loosely works for the arm-triangle choke and Nijem just sort of hangs out ... prompting a warning from the referee about not pushing the pace or improving position. Krause tries to stack him and avoids the upkick. That separation allows Nijem to get back to his feet and they sling leather in the center of the cage. After some loosey-goosey striking, Krause shoots for a takedown and pushes Nijem into the fence. He eventually goes south and Krause is mugging him. Cageside mics pick up a grotesque amount of heavy breathing. Nijem is able to power his way back to his feet and Krause jumps for a sloppy guard. He misses but scrambles out before Nijem can flop on top of him and it’s back to the striking. Nijem hits a takedown but lands in a guillotine. 10-9 Krause.

Round 2: Nijem lumbers in with heavy shots and Krause puts it in reverse. Nijem charges forward with solid combinations and Krause tries to flee. He bounces off the cage and Nijem takes him down, then lands some shots to the dome. Krause scrambles and reverses position and they walk themselves up the wall. Nijem turns him around and gets warned for holding the cage. Nijem gets the takedown but can’t keep the position. He shoots again and Krause slaps on a guillotine. The referee calls for work while they’re working, which I don’t understand. Krause adjusts his legs and drives forward. Nijem ignores advice to sprawl and loses control. Krause stands but gets taken down again. Nijem has him tied up fairly well and works from side control. Krause taking punishment but works his way back up and breaks free. Both fighters look gassed. That results in sloppy punches and poor defense. Nijem drives forward and pushes Krause into the cage. 10-9 Nijem. Prepare for sudden victory.

Round 3: Both fighters winded and they start out with ugly punches. Krause eats a solid right hand, then gets taken down. He pops right back up and latches onto an arm. Nijem tires to duck under and Krause takes him down. Nijem turtles and his corner is screaming for resistance. Nijem rolls onto his back and Krause roasts the ribs from guard. Krause trying to position and ... not much else. Krause burns a minute on the clock before the referee tells them break’s over. Nijem looking for an exit but Krause follows him and drops a solid elbow. Krause goes back to the arm-triangle choke and it’s more for catching his breath than locking up a submission. Krause drops the obligatory bomb to keep the impatient ref at bay. Nijem powers up and gets to his feet, leading to heavy punches and a late takedown. Krause getting mugged with just 30 seconds left. Krause rolls him over and ends up with a guillotine attempt. That’s the horn. Close round but I had it 10-9 Krause.

Final result: Krause def. Nijem by unanimous decision

After the fight, it’s revealed that Krause has a scratched cornea and has to be tended to. His semifinal spot could be in jeopardy. Nijem is disappointed in his loss, but insists he left it all in the cage and believes he did more damage.

Here’s where we stand after episode 10:

Team Garbrandt

Seth Baczynski
Mehdi Baghdad
Eddie Gordon
Hayder Hassan
Julian Lane
Justin Edwards
Johnny Nunez

Team Dillashaw

James Krause
Jesse Taylor
Ramsey Nijem
Dhiego Lima
Joe Stevenson
Tom Gallicchio
Gilbert Smith

And the remaining brackets:


Tom Gallicchio vs. Justin Edwards
Dhiego Lima vs. Gilbert Smith
Jesse Taylor vs. Hayder Hassan
James Krause vs. Ramsey Nijem


Tom Gallicchio vs. Dhiego Lima
Jesse Taylor vs. James Krause

Stay tuned next week as we find out the fate of James Krause, as well as the winner of Tom Gallicchio vs. Dhiego Lima. Which one of these redeeming welterweights will make it to next month’s live finale?

Find out in seven!

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