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Mike Tyson: Conor McGregor is going to look ridiculous boxing Floyd Mayweather

MMA: UFC 196-McGregor vs Diaz Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is prepared to loan its lightweight champion, Conor McGregor, to the “sweet science” for a potential Floyd Mayweather Jr. boxing showdown later this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Let’s hope it comes with a hybrid rule set.

Otherwise, “Notorious” runs the risk of looking “ridiculous” against one of boxing’s finest technicians, who stymied even the greatest of pugilists. That’s according to former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

Who is not two-faced.

“Only way it could ruin boxing is if McGregor goes and boxes Floyd because he’s going to look really ridiculous boxing him,” Tyson told SiriusXM Sports. “But if he goes in there with the UFC stuff, now this could be pretty interesting. He doesn’t win in a boxing match.”

No more gushing?

McGregor recently came to terms on the financial side of his “Money” fight; however, Team UFC must now wait for Mayweather to shit or get off the pot. The promotion's lightweight division, meanwhile, is still on hold.

For now.

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