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Highlights! Watch Sergei Kharitonov dismantle Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou with one punch at M-1 Challenge 80

The MMA action came in waves this weekend as fight fans were drawn in all sorts of directions. One of the more exciting matchups to come to life was Sergei Kharitonov’s run in with Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou yesterday (Fri., June 16, 2017) at M-1 Challenge 80 in Harbin, China.

The main event clash didn’t last all that long after Sokoudjou pressured the Russian heavyweight straight out of the gate and forced Kharitonov to land a brutal straight right just 40 seconds into the first round. Sokoudjou fell like a sack of potatoes as Kharitonov scored a few insurance shots before the referee jumped in for the stoppage.

The memorable knockout blow can be seen above.

Kharitonov, 36, secures his second knockout finish of 2017 and moves his record to 9-2 since the start of 2010. The heavyweight veteran remains one of the better power punches in the division and has now finished 24 of his 25 career victories.

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