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‘Mayweather vs. McGregor’ Sports Science video breakdown: McGregor hits like a 10-pound sledgehammer

Now that the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor superfight has become a reality, it’s officially time to overflow the combat senses and get as much insight as possible on the two dynamic superstars before they meet in Las Vegas on Aug. 26. While few people are expecting McGregor to give Mayweather problems in his professional boxing debut, the Irishman’s physical capabilities say otherwise.

Here are just some of the spectacular things McGregor is capable of doing on his feet, per ESPN’s recent Sports Science breakdown (shown above):

- McGregor’s punch packs an astounding 850 pounds of force

- McGregor’s left hand is equivalent to a 10-pound sledgehammer being swung at 20 mph

- McGregor propels himself into targets with as much rotational velocity (582 degrees) as a MLB pitcher throwing a fastball (500 degrees)

And now for Mayweather’s scientific wizardry:

- Mayweather can reduce his target size by 50 percent in just 0.1 seconds

- Mayweather can launch a counter attack with 10.5 Gs of acceleration, which is faster than the strike of a viper

- Mayweather’s average punching power (814 pounds of force) is on par with that of Nate Diaz (820 pounds of force)

McGregor will be thrown in with the sharks when he meets “Money” later this summer, but the UFC champion has proved countless naysayers wrong in the past and will look to do the same opposite the greatest defensive boxer of all time.

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