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Midnight Mania! Boxing champion Anthony Joshua clowns Stipe Miocic’s bid for the McGregor-Mayweather undercard

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MMA: UFC 211- Miocic vs Dos Santos Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight we’ve got Stipe Miocic getting clowned by Anthony Joshua, the only possible reaction to Dillon Danis offering to box Amir Khan, Dong Hyun Kim’s hilarious facial expressions, knockouts, and much more.


Stipe Miocic wanted in on the high-stakes MMA vs. boxing action currently happening between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. He wasn’t alone, of course. Jose Aldo, Anderson Silva, and Jimi Manuwa, among others, have also lobbied for bouts with top boxers. Stipe wanted a place on the undercard of Mayweather-McGregor, which will be all boxing. Stipe went for the biggest of them all, calling out heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. An emerging superstar in the UK, Joshua recently won the title in an instant classic against Vladimir Klitschko. Stipe was as respectful as possible in his callout, as he always is.

Joshua’s reply? Not so much.

In a move that illustrates just how and why McGregor is alone in getting this promotional opportunity, Anthony Joshua copied McGregor’s words to Jeremy Stephens at that UFC 205 press conference:

“Who the fook is that guy”

There goes that.

The fight is ludicrous under boxing rules, of course, but less ludicrous than McGregor-Mayweather. Miocic’s primary skillset is also his boxing, and he has four first- round knockouts in his last four bouts. He even has amateur experience boxing in the Golden Gloves program. Like McGregor, he stands no actual chance against a champion like Anthony Joshua under strict boxing rules. (It’s no surprise Sylvester Stallone is rooting for McGregor- he faces a tougher challenge than Rocky ever did) Unlike McGregor, Miocic is not a draw. He lacks McGregor’s bombast and flair for the dramatic; Miocic is a humble everyman from Ohio, who still has a job as a firefighter.

It lays bare what this fight is really about- the power of celebrity. Just as in modern politics, actual ability or accomplishments of an individual means nothing. The power to draw an emotional reaction from an audience, good or bad, means everything.

A reminder of what 49 previous opponents, including precise power punchers like Canelo Alvarez, have failed to do to Floyd:

Conor? He looks like this against a pro boxer, and it isn’t good.


Interesting analysis on McGregor and Mayweather’s mechanics- although I’m not at all sure how they arrived at those numbers.

Yeah no

Dong Hyun Kim’s facial expressions and body language are fantastic.

MMA fighters and hunting rifles are a natural fit, I suppose, especially with the nickname “Killashaw”

Tony Ferguson wants the lightweight belt he feels he deserves.

There is a new MMA journalist’s association, and I’m curious to see where it goes.

Cyborg congratulates Megan Anderson... and also throws some shade her way.

Yancy running duct tape experiments- either that, or his kid is in time out.

Weight cutting buddies

Justin Scoggins is back at flyweight after a failed weight cut forced him up to bantamweight

This should be fun

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

This is production value right here.

Sokoudjou goes down hard

This guy posts clips as part of his tape study on events- here’s a couple previewing guys fighting this weekend at UFC Singapore.

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