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Floyd Mayweather retracts Aug. 26 date reserved for Conor McGregor super fight

Southern Nevada Sports Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather might be as good at trolling as he is at boxing.

Not long after Mayweather Promotions proposed a date of Aug. 26 for MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada — expected to mark the time and space for his Conor McGregor super fight — Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) brings word that “Money” has since retracted that request.

That’s according to a report from L.A. Times.

Unfortunately for combat sports fans who are clamoring for Mayweather-McGregor, there doesn’t seem to be any real progress being made behind the scenes, despite the best efforts of UFC President Dana White.

Time to rethink those percentages.

That hasn’t stopped mainstream media outlets (present company included) from reporting every worthless detail, but we still have nothing concrete as far as “when” and “where” these two will bang.

I guess that BIG announcement will have to wait.

McGregor hasn’t competed since last November’s shellacking over Eddie Alvarez in New York. Mayweather, meanwhile, retired from the “sweet science” following his unanimous decision win over Andre Berto back in late 2015.

Then again, any time “Money” is involved, you never know what to believe.

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