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Coach: Jose Aldo fought injured, couldn't throw leg kicks at UFC 212

MMA: UFC 212-Aldo vs Hollway Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, at least he showed up.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, was stopped by Max Holloway in their UFC 212 pay-per-view (PPV) headliner last Saturday night (June 3, 2017) in Brazil (watch it).

It was a fight that didn’t see “Junior” throw many leg kicks.

That’s because Aldo was suffering from a debilitating leg injury that perhaps robbed him of his most effective offensive weapon. Not that his camp is making any excuses for the loss, but for the sake of disclosure, it’s time for the truth to be revealed.

Coach Andre Pederneiras elaborates to FOX Fight Club (via MMA Fighting):

“Every fight the athlete enters he has some kind of injury, and Aldo is no different, he has his. Many people asked why he didn’t kick. Aldo has a leg injury, so he couldn’t throw kicks or run during his entire camp. That doesn’t take anything away from Max Holloway’s win, we don’t want to say that. We would go back between rounds and the crowd said ‘tell him to kick,’ but we, the cornermen, were the only aware of it. We avoided the kicks because of this injury. We were afraid it would strain his muscle. We could train his kicks a bit in the last week, but we didn’t force it too much. We believed that, the way he was going (in training), he would be able to win with his boxing. And that was happening.”

So much for the wrestling. However, it would appear that Aldo has not leveraged leg kicks much at all in recent UFC fights and not nearly close to his output when he burst onto the scene with World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) back in the day.

Nevertheless, Aldo was suspended just 45 days following his loss to Holloway but this latest revelation brings to light a career that may be defined more for its injuries — like this one and this one — and less for its in-cage accomplishments.

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