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Watch Melvin Guillard get KO’d via spinning hook kick in China

UFC, Famous Stars And Straps And New Era Cap Company Inc. 'The Magic Party' At XS The Nightclub Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Melvin Guillard's fall from grace continues with another incident of missing weight and another loss, this time via spinning hook kick in Yantai, China.

Yes, that's right: Guillard, whose flashes of brilliance had him at the top of the UFC lightweight contender picture at one point in his career, is now fighting for far flung promotions like Kunlun MMA. That development came after Melvin went 1-5-2 for World Series of Fighting and Bellator since leaving the UFC in 2013. If that's not a horrifying stat, consider this: Guillard has also missed weight for six of his last seven fights. This time, he weighed in 11 pounds over.

So it must be that the MMA gods decided to smite Guillard, and they used Russian prospect Muslim Salikhov as their instrument to do it. Witness:

I don't want to kick Guillard when he's down, but this is the kind of skid that should have him reconsidering his career. Whatever he's doing right now obviously isn't working, and it's starting to cost him on more than the scorecards -- now we're getting into an area where brain trauma is occurring.

But the wonderful and terrible thing about Guillard is that he has the ability to be one of the best lightweight fighters in the world when he gets himself in the right headset. As bad as things look for him now, I wouldn't bet against him turning things around and staging a comeback into the rankings. But time is running out ... at 34 years old "The Young Assassin" is no longer quite so young.

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