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Dana White blasts ‘insecure, two-faced’ Oscar de la Hoya for pooping on Mayweather vs McGregor - ‘WTF?’

Oscar de la Hoya recently penned an open letter explaining why he feels the “circus” that is the much-talked about boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will give boxing a black eye from which it may never recover (read it here).

So it’s no surprise that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White would have something to say about those comments. That’s because he has a vested interest in the mega bout — it’s the first time he’s allowing one of his title holders to crossover to professional boxing while under contract.

And not just any fighter, but his biggest money-maker of all time.

During a recent interview with TMZ, White lashed out at de la Hoya — who he considers a friend — for ‘shitting’ on the potential mega fight.

“What the fuck, Oscar? Listen, Oscar de la Hoya and I have had a good relationship for a long time. If you look in the past, including the Canelo vs. Chavez fight, I have been very supportive of every event that he does,” White said. “I’ve always liked Oscar. Bob Arum and I don’t get along. If Bob Arum and I had the last two fighters on Earth, I still wouldn’t make a fight with that scumbag.

“But, Oscar and I have always had a good relationship and I was just at that fight,” White continued. “He’s talking about money grabs, Canelo vs Chavez, you’re going to put on a fight like that and then call Mayweather vs. McGregor a money grab?”

In fact, White claims that de la Hoya was actually trying to book McGregor vs. Mayweather.

“You were trying to make that fight four months ago! It’s crazy,” White said. “What is this guy doing? What’s his deal? That’s what I’m basically saying to him. What’s up? Why would you say something like that? Instead, it makes it sound like he has no confidence whatsoever in [Golovkin] vs. Canelo, which I have come out publicly and said it’s a good fight. I like that fight and I will watch that fight. He seems completely insecure and it’s one of the weirdest things I have ever seen.

“And talk about two-faced and contradicting and the list goes on and on,” he continued. “Hating and, I don’t know, like he has no confidence in this fight. Oscar, what the fuck? Seriously? What the fuck is going on with you? Are you nuts? Are you out of your mind? Have you lost your fucking mind? What’s going on?”

As for the fight itself, White says it’s “moving along” and is trying to clear one hurdle after another in trying to make the “crazy deal” done. As for what kind of fight he expects should it get the green light, White wouldn’t offer up any predictions, saying it could be a barn burner or a snooze-fest that sucks like Canelo vs. Chavez Jr. did (see it again here).

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