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Matt Hughes eyes UFC return, but won’t fight ‘young kids’ like Tyron Woodley or Jorge Masvidal

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

While former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell isn’t too sure of his answer when it comes to a potential mixed martial arts (MMA) comeback, Matt Hughes is making it clear he is definitely interested in a potential return to action.

During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, the former Welterweight champion of the world proclaimed that he never actually wanted to walk away from the fight game following back-to-back losses to B.J. Penn and Josh Koscheck in 2011, and only did so at the request of his wife and promotion president Dana White.

“I would love to come back. I didn’t want to retire in the first place. Dana thought it was the best thing for me and so did my stinking wife,” said Hughes. “My wife said she didn't want me to fight anymore and that it wasn’t as fun like when I was out there kicking ass. She didn’t like the worry, and Dana said the same thing, so that’s why I retired.”

“I would love to go out and fight again. My problem is, I lost my last two fights and that’s the only thing I think about is those stinking losses,” he added. “What would be fun for me is to fight with my buddy Chuck Liddell, if he came out of retirement. It would be a blast to fight on the same card together.”

I hear Vitor Belfort is trying to get this “legends league” going.

Furthermore, Hughes isn’t interested in taking on the “younger kids,” as he’d rather fight someone closer to his age that won’t have a huge speed and quickness advantage over him.

“Of course I would have a list of who I want to fight and who I don’t want to fight,” said Hughes. “I think I could still be competitive, I haven’t trained in a few years. Now, I have no interest in fighting someone like Tyron Woodley or (Jorge) Masvidal, some of these young kids,” explained Hughes. “I would want to have someone close to my age that has the same speed, quickness. I think I have all kinds of power and can recover well, but that speed and quickness is a tough thing to overcome.”

That said, the former welterweight champion wasn’t shy in saying he’d be open to a rematch against Matt Serra.

And despite getting axed by the promotion following UFC’s massive $4 billion transaction, Hughes still has a strong loyalty to Dana White and would prefer to fight for UFC. At the end of the day, however, Matt says if another big promotion came with the right offer, he would fight for them.

Hello, Bellator?

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