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Nate Diaz torches Jose Aldo for ‘crying’ over Conor McGregor

MMA: UFC 194-Aldo vs McGregor Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

If you're a UFC fighter looking for career advice, maybe you would or wouldn't look to Nate Diaz to share his thoughts on the business side of mixed martial arts. But if you're Jose Aldo, Nate's thoughts are coming right at you free of charge, and they aren't very complimentary.

“Aldo’s crying about McGregor? I’m like bro, it’s your fault, you took him on that fucking ride around the world and let him punk you everywhere," Diaz said during his recent 90 minute interview on The MMA Hour. "You’re responsible, what the fuck are you crying for? I don’t even know if he’s crying anymore because he got over it, he probably realised that. I’m like bro, you just made a star out of that guy!"

"I wish I had somebody I could just run all around the country and slap around, You know what I’m saying, now I’m the most famous guy in the world and all I had to do was slap around this little fucker all around the whole place. I don’t mean to disrespect Aldo, but let’s talk the truth here, this is the real hour.”

Aldo certainly had a rough period after his shocking 13 second loss to McGregor where the only news we ever seemed to hear was 'crying' about McGregor. That turned into a serious rift with the UFC where Jose almost retired from the sport, but everything seems like it's starting to settle back down after Aldo's interim belt was turned into the real featherweight title back in November.

During all that craziness, Aldo almost moved up to lightweight, which just happens to be where Nate Diaz fights when he's not at moneyweight. Perhaps Jose should consider turning his ire towards Diaz ... maybe he could become that bad motherf**ker in the cafeteria that Nate actually wouldn't mind fighting.

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