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Video: Watch Floyd Mayweather load bags of money into SUV for strip club grand opening

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the richest athletes of all time and he’s not afraid to show off his wealth. The former boxing champion was recently caught on tape piling tons of cash into the back of a SUV. The footage can be seen above courtesy of TMZ Sports.

The reason for the massive cash withdrawal is the grand opening of Mayweather’s Las Vegas strip club, called Girl Collection in Vegas. It will apparently be an upscale club featuring exotic dancers from all over the world and enough cash on hand to put any high roller in his place.

While Mayweather stands to bank yet another $100 million in a potential superfight with UFC superstar Conor McGregor, that combat clash is temporarily at a standstill. Still, that hasn’t stopped “Money” from hyping up the fight and building McGregor’s already meteoric stock.

Until the two touch gloves and exchange leather, Mayweather will have ample time to fund his own Vegas ventures and continue to flash stupid cash.

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