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Al Iaquinta is at it again, telling the UFC 'Cut me, you sissies!'

Al Iaquinta’s displeasure with the UFC is at it’s max, and now the lightweight fighter is demanding his release.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Iaquinta vs Sanchez Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

April was an interesting month for UFC lightweight Al Iaquinta. The outspoken New Yorker returned to the cage after a two year absence and absolutely destroyed Diego Sanchez in under two minutes at UFC Fight Night: "Nashville." Unfortunately for those hoping to see more of "Ragin' Al," he followed that up by raging against the UFC for not giving him a knockout of the night bonus, telling them simply to go f**k themselves.

Al's previous break from fighting came because he was generally disgruntled with his contracted pay and the UFC's decision to disqualify him from being able to win post-fight bonuses because he missed a UFC Fighter Summit. His return to the cage seemed to be something he decided to do just to see if it would make him hate the UFC less. Apparently it did the opposite, as Iaquinta spent the next several days on multiple Twitter rants against the promotion’s pay structure, Dana White, and several fighters.

Now he's at it again, making it clear that he no longer wants to be a part of the UFC:

We have our doubts that the UFC will let him leave, if only to keep him from fighting for one of their competitors. But isn't that strange? Iaquinta is popular enough that they don't want him popping up as a late addition to Bellator's Madison Square Garden event, but not popular enough to sit down and renegotiate a deal with.

At this point, those bridges are probably burnt. Not that Iaquinta cares ... he seems quite happy with how his real estate business is doing. Which is a shame because the man's got a gift for entertaining fights, both in the cage and online.

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