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Midnight Mania! Georges St-Pierre hints he may fight at Madison Square Garden ‘in a few months’

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Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight, we’ve got Georges St-Pierre hinting that he may be fighting at Madison Square Garden, Tony Ferguson the Super Saiyan, Jorge Masvidal blasting Michael Bisping, a 13 year old beating a 34 year old in mixed martial arts (MMA), knockouts, headlines from today, and much more!

What towel is he twirling?!?!?!

Georges St-Pierre has been unable to nail down a date for his dance with Michael Bisping yet, but while we are waiting on the “when,” he gave a clue as to a possible “where.” While Canadiens fans may be offended by his choice of Rangers-related paraphernalia here, he says he may be fighting in Madison Square Garden “in a few months.” That could mean late this summer or early fall. Madison Square Garden is an appropriate venue for a fight involving St-Pierre, and surely many of his fellow Canadians would make the trek down to New York City in support. Assuming the fight is still against Bisping, that would also be one flight away for many of the Middleweight champion’s British supporters.

Bobs and Weaves

Tony Ferguson is hungry!

Felice Herrig admits there is a devil inside her.

Jorge Masvidal is not holding back on his hot takes these days, and this isn’t the first shot he’s taken at Michael Bisping.

Also, a reminder that Masvidal is awesome.

Raymond Daniels with the most extra counter to a leg kick of all time.

You know that 12 year old who’s going to fight an adult? Well, time is a flat circle, especially in Japanese MMA. This has happened before, and guess what? The 13 year old won!

Pro Fight League (formerly WSOF) has the best ring girls, apparently.

Dominick Cruz meeting Sabertooth has me thinking of a movie scene ...

This is more or less how Dominick Cruz fights, and more or less how he lost to Garbrandt. (More or less)

Interesting documentary:

Paul Felder is down to fight Stevie Ray:

Cain Velasquez messing with some big chickens

Speaking of Heavyweights, Francis Ngannou moved to Las Vegas recently

This is near-perfect technique, and it’s addictive to watch

Slips, Rips, and Knockout Clips

Joanna is the greatest female mixed martial artist competing today, while Jessica Andrade is a credible threat to her reign. In other words, looking forward to UFC 211’s co-main event!

Next Saturday night @joannajedrzejczyk heads to Dallas to defend her world title at #ufc211 #AndStill

A post shared by American Top Team (@americantopteam) on

I forgot that Demian Maia was fighting at UFC 211 because it’s actually too deep. The question is, will he meet the same fate Jacare met against Whittaker, or will he do this again?

I posted this before, but it’s so fast:

I have a friend who spent a lot of time explaining how you can just spin and keep it going in a fight. It seems he was onto something.

This right here is why I don’t get into street fights.

This is the best I’ve seen a block work in a street fight. He caught the bicep to stop the hook. That’s the kind of centerline control Wing Chun talks about.

Quick Hits

  • Artem Lobov wants a fight with the Korean Superboy, and after seeing that his chin is pure titanium against Swanson, I’m completely fine with that.
  • did a promo video to show you Derrick Lewis’ sophisticated side. It’s predictably hilarious.
  • An ACB event got canceled in Russia because of ethnic and political tension. Karim Zidan has the full story.
  • Chuck Liddell is thinking of coming back? Let’s not do this. Let’s please not do this.

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