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Frankie Edgar on Cyborg-Magana: ‘You run your mouth, someone’s gonna check it for you’

After seeing Cris Cyborg deck Angela Magana in the face earlier this week over some Twitter beef, and then learning that Magana was pressing charges against Cyborg, the MMA world was forced to choose sides. Either you’re someone who thinks Cyborg should be held fully accountable for her actions, or you’re someone who believes that fighters can physical attack other fighters over verbal social media exchanges. UFC featherweight contender and former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar is part of the latter, as the veteran recently stepped over the line to Team Cyborg.

“You run your mouth, sometimes someone’s gonna check it for you,” Edgar told TMZ Sports (shown above). “I don’t see how a fighter can press charges for getting hit. That’s just kind of crazy to me, especially if you run your mouth.”

Edgar is one of the last fighters you would expect to weigh in on something like this. Still, the New Jersey native is drawing a line in the sand and defending the actions of a fighter. You may not agree with “The Answer,” but Edgar is an old school fighter who would rather do his talking with his fists.

When asked how fellow fighters might view Magana’s pursuit for legal justice, Edgar simply said he’d “never sue someone for a fight.”

If Magana and Cyborg competed in the same weight class, this would be a fire matchup to book. For now, the legal system will have to be our combat playground.

Stick with Mania as more news pertaining to Punchgate is revealed.

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