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Midnight Mania! Russian mother slaps her son in the cage for losing

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome! This is Midnight Mania. Tonight, we’ve got tons of knockouts, tons of sumo; we’ve got some submissions, we’ve got a Russian mother slapping her son for losing a cage fight, Mousasi mouthing off, McGregor landing a new sponsor, Rousey shows off her engagement ring, and much more.

Mother Russia

Safe to say that Viktor Kichigin did not have a good day. This is where we find him, after losing a cage fight in Russia. His mother makes the craziest sports mom you know look like a comforting teddy bear by comparison.

This is the most “Just leave me alone, Mom” moment of all moments.

To be clear, this was the beating he just endured, while his mom stood there and shouted at him to get up.

Incomparable Twitter user caposa documented all this for us

Some background information: the MMA Twitterverse has been onto Mama Kichigin for a long time. She’s geniunely insane.

I mean no matter how bad your day is going, it’s not going this badly.

This is her pre-fight ritual- popping balloons with what looks like a blade on the end of a chain.

Yeah. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is maybe excessive parenting.


Always a great feeling when your family visits and hangs out with someone else instead...

I wonder did my family come to Montreal to see me or to see @badmofo_jojo

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Gokhan Saki just got signed by the UFC.

His takedown defense will be the chink in the armor, but his hands are insanely fast

McGregor landed a Beats sponsorship

Conor McGregor’s friend, the Olympian and now professional boxer Mick Conlan, fights again this weekend

Wonder how many carats that diamond is.

Stipe Miocic supporting Cleveland

Aljamain Sterling is rooting for Max Holloway as he prepares to fight Aldo’s teammate Barao

Gegard Mousasi bringing the fire on social media. He’s not happy about Robert “Bobby Knuckles” Whittaker getting the interim title fight over him.

Yeah that’s a good line

#UFC #Mousasi #MMA #AsRealAsItGets #JustBleed #BJJ #JiuJitsu #Boxing #Wrestling #MuayThai #Sambo #Judo #TaeKwonDo #Karate

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That one too

Slips, Rips, and Awesome Clips

Tonight, enjoy this gumbo soup of sumo, knockouts and submissions.

Diego Brandao is not in boring fights. He either wins fast or gasses, and today he won. I didn’t know he has been trapped in Russia for a year with an expired passport, though.

This is awesome

I’m not even sure what this choke is. A bulldog choke? A modified bulldog choke? Someone enlighten me.

This I know. This is a flying triangle and it’s awesome

This is an Ezekiel choke and it’s one of my favorite chokes in the gi, but notoriously difficult to hit without a gi

Facepalm, definition: my palm to your face

This was a thudding knockout

Watch this guy slump to his knees. It’s weird what the body does when the brain shuts off.

A choke named after a French execution device proves to be inescapable

This one almost did decapitate him

Not for this guy, who counters a guillotine with a power slam that puts his foe out cold.

Just another Thursday, dropping elbows like he’s hammering in a railroad spike.

Kneebars make me nervous, and this is why

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Good Reads

Random Land

Plot twist

This made me laugh harder than I have for a week. Wait for the music to hit. Kingtrillax appropriates white people dancing- I mean, I’m pretty mad about it, because it’s dead on.

White people stay stealing black people dances so I decided to take one of theirs

Posted by Kingtrillax on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Stay woke, Maniacs!

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