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Jose Aldo is done talking about a Conor McGregor rematch that ‘will never happen’

On the verge of his UFC 212 return, people are still asking Jose Aldo about Conor McGregor. And Aldo doesn’t like that one bit.

UFC 212 Press Conference Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

UFC 212 is coming up quickly on June 3rd and it features Jose Aldo defending his featherweight belt for the first time since it was upgraded from an interim by the UFC. He'll be facing Max Holloway, and maybe he's hoping another dominant win will make people move on from all that McGregor stuff, because he sounds sick of getting asked about it.

"Everybody says things today and I don’t even understand why,” Aldo said in annoyance during today's media conference call. "Conor was good for one side, let’s say because he brought more attention to the division and to myself. On another side, to talk about the fight? Man, that’s in the past."

"Everybody still asks me if I want or if I don’t want (McGregor). That’s not up to me. That's up to the UFC, and we know it will never happen. I don’t even know if he will come back to fight. The UFC tried to do another fight and he didn’t want it, didn’t accept it, because what happened will never happen again. I couldn’t care less what Conor does or doesn’t do. I’m a UFC fighter and I’m the best featherweight. I have to focus on training and evolving to defend my belt.”

Following a chaotic year where Aldo feuded endlessly with the UFC and nearly walked away from the sport, he seems focused once again on fighting as his future. That begins with unifying his belt by defeating interim featherweight champion Max Holloway (man, we keep forgetting the UFC did that), and then who knows ... he suggested he'd move up in weight and start making noise in the lightweight division.

"There's plenty left for me to challenge myself," Aldo declared.

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