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Angela Magana filing lawsuit against Cris Cyborg over face-punching attack: ‘You f—-ed up’

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) strawweight Angela Magana, who wasn’t making any headlines for her work inside the Octagon, is the talk of the town after getting clocked by Cristiane Justino last weekend at the UFC Fighter Retreat.

Watch the video here.

As a result, Magana (11-8) is planning to file a lawsuit against “Cyborg” for the attack, which sent her to the hospital and left “Your Majesty” buried under a mountain of medical bills that she has no intention of paying.

“I’ve already retained a lawyer,” Magana told TMZ. “I have medical bills, I’m not gonna pay those. You fucked up big time. You can’t do what you did. Now I’m gonna get you as hard as I can get you.”

One way or the other.

Magana was slugged for trolling Justino online, which prompted the Brazilian to confront her in person. “Cyborg” was initially cited for battery but could face “very serious” charges, depending on how much Magana sells her “injuries” to the district attorney.

Stay tuned.

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