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Dana White: UFC, police and district attorney looking into ‘very serious’ Cris Cyborg-Angela Magana incident

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

This past weekend, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) held its first-ever Athlete Retreat at its brand spanking new headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada to allow all 500 plus fighters on the roster to come in, tour the new digs, meet the new owners and enjoy some good old fashion rap music.

But, not everything was hunky dory, as things got very heated and physical after Cris Cyborg confronted and subsequently punched Angela Magana for an insulting tweet “Your Majesty” published mocking Cris’s looks.

See the video here and the backlash here.

According to UFC president Dana White, while he and the promotion are looking into the “very serious” incident, what really matters is how the local police and district attorney handle the situation.

“Obviously, we’re looking more into that and it’s very serious,” White said. “We’ll see what happens. This is the thing that the District Attorney and the police are handling right now. There’s way more to that than just what am I thinking about it.”

As of this posting, Cyborg — who had this to say about the incident — had been cited for battery and is expected to appear in court in the near future, but it seems her troubles are far from over as Johny Law is clearly not done with the case.

And if your wondering why Cyborg is being investigated, while Kevin Lee’s strike on Michael Chiesa a few week’s ago barely ruffled any feathers and is even being used as a promotional tool, it’s largely because Magana -- who still can’t stop taunting Cyborg on social media — decided to press charges on Cyborg (Chiesa did not).

Check out White talk about the incident and various other topics in a mini scrum that took place earlier today (May 23, 2017) in Las Vegas, Nevada, courtesy of MMA Fighting.

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