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UFC Fight Night 109 live results stream, 'Gustafsson vs Teixeira' play-by-play updates

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to the hurt business this Sunday (May 28, 2017) for UFC Fight Night 109: "Gustafsson vs Teixeira," which takes place inside Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, live on FOX Sports 1.

The promotion's latest mixed martial arts (MMA) fight card will feature a light heavyweight showdown pitting division contender Alexander Gustafsson opposite power-punching Glover Teixeira. Elsewhere on the card, Misha Cirkunov and Volkan Oezdemir hook ‘em up in 205-pound action. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 109 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. ET, and then the remaining undercard balance on FOX Sports 1 at 11 a.m. ET, before the main card start time at 1 p.m. ET, also on FOX Sports 1.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following "Gustafsson vs. Teixeira."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 109 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


205 lbs.: Alexander Gustafsson vs. Glover Teixeira — Gustafsson def. Teixeira by KO (punches) at 1:07 of Round Five
205 lbs.: Misha Cirkunov vs. Volkan Oezdemir — Oezdemir def. Cirkunov by KO (punch) at 0:28 of Round One
170 lbs.: Ben Saunders vs. Peter Sobotta — Sobotta def. Saunders by TKO (knee and punches) at 2:29 of Round Two
170 lbs.: Omari Akhmedov vs. Abdul Razak Alhassan — Akhmedov def. Alhassan by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)
170 lbs.: Oliver Enkamp vs. Nordine Taleb — Taleb def. Enkamp by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)
185 lbs.: Jack Hermansson vs. Alex Nicholson — Hermansson def. Nicholson by TKO (punches and elbows) at 2:00 of Round One
135 lbs.: Pedro Munhoz vs. Damian Stasiak — Munhoz def. Stasiak by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)
185 lbs.: Chris Camozzi vs. Trevor Smith — Smith def. Camozzi by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26 x2)
155 lbs.: Joaquim Silva vs. Reza Madadi — Silva def. Madadi by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
170 lbs.: Nico Musoke vs. Bojan Velickovic — Velickovic def. Musoke by TKO (punches) at 4:37 of Round Three
170 lbs.: Jessin Ayari vs. Darren Till — Till def. Ayari by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-27)
155 lbs.: Damir Hadzovic vs. Marcin Held — Hadzovic def. Held by KO (knee) at 0:07 of Round Three


205 lbs.: Alexander Gustafsson vs. Glover Teixeira

Round 1: Quick leg kick from Gustafsson and they trade in the clinch before Teixeira upends him with a high-crotch. Gustafsson slips out and pops right back up. One minute in. Straight right from Gustafsson on the fence, then an uppercut. Teixeira just misses with an overhand right. Gustafsson switching stances, lands a straight left. Left hook by Teixeira on the inside. Gustafsson sticks out his left hand to frame and Teixeira catches a finger in the eye. They resume after a short break. Low kick from the Swede. Straight right lands for him. Two minutes to go.

Lovely counter uppercut lands for Gustafsson. Lead right connects. 1-2-1. Anotehr uppercut and Teixeira looks for a single-leg, landing short lefts inside. One minute to go. Glover’s just struggling to cut off the cage. 10-9 Gustafsson.

Round 2: Texeira firing a jab. Counter right from Teixeira lands, as does an uppercut by Gustafsson. Right to the body. One minute in. Fake shot from Teixeira. Another uppercut cracks his jaw. Teixeira pursues, lands a series of left hooks on the fence. Spinning elbow from Gustafsson and he tears into Teixeira with combinations. Teixeira falls, but works his way up on the fence. He is bloodied something awful. teixeira to the body after they reset. Counter left by Gustafsson. Two minutes to go.

Teixeira with some left hooks as Gustafsson leans. Gustafsson body kick and elbow upstairs. Jabs again by Glover. One minute to go. Gustafsson jabbing as well, takes a left hand as he retreats. 10-9 Gustafsson.

Round 3: Short right hand from Gustafsson and they trade in the center. Suddenly, two huge uppercuts buckle Teixeira and Gustafsson follows him down into guard, dropping punches and elbows. One miunte in. Gustafsson just thumping away. Teixeira slips out the back door and looks for a takedown. Gustfasson reverses position and trips him into half guard. Two minutes in. Teixeira goes to his knees, then his feet with Gustafsson attached. Front kick from Gustafsson after they separate. Two minutes to go.

Gustafsson still looking for uppercuts, lands one. Jab after falling short with a knee. Left hook from Teixeira. Straight left answers . Another cracking uppercut by the Swede, who lands a knee after looking for a takedown with a minute to go. Right hand by Gustafsson and another uppercut. Oblique kick. 10-8 Gustafsson.

Round 4: Gustafsson to the body in the early going. Body kick from Teixeira. Nice right gross by Gustafsson,Teixeira comes back with an overhand right. Another. One minute in. Gustafsson with a nasty elbow on the fence. He looks for a takedown, Teixeira turns to face him. Two minutes in. Gustafsson blasts him with a combination a they separate. Body kick connects. Two minutes to go.

Teixeira jabbing as well. More jabs. Left hook by Gustafsson. 1-2-3. Another hard uppercut. One minute to go. Body kick. Straight left upstairs. Uppercut splits Teixeira’s guard. Yet another head-snapping uppercut in the last ten seconds. 10-9 Gustafsson.

Round 5: Teixeira with a body kick. Jabs by Gustafsson. Teixeira finally lands a 2-3, his best punches of the fight. That’s all he gets, though, as three gigantic uppercuts land flush on him before a winging right hand puts him down for good.

Final result: Gustafsson def. Teixeira by KO (punches)

205 lbs.: Misha Cirkunov vs. Volkan Oezdemir

Round 1: Cirkunov pushes forward with a heavy combination, but Oezdemir suddenly sleeps him with a right hand to the bottom of the ear. Dang.

Final result: Oezdemir def. Cirkunov by KO (punch)

170 lbs.: Ben Saunders vs. Peter Sobotta

Round 1: Sobotta drops him with an overhand left in the first ten seconds, lands a few more shots before disengaging. Leg kick lands for Sobotta. Jab exchanges. One minute in. Saunders looks for a head kick. Saunders switching stances. Stiff jab by Sobotta. Two minutes in. Body kick from Saunders. Sobotta to the body in return, catches Saunders’ kick. Two minutes to go.

Saunders pressuring. Body kick lands. Sobotta suddenly cracks him with a huge left hand that sends him to the mat once again. Sobotta pounding away with hammerfists, but Saunders locks up his rubber guard. Elbows from Saunders off his back. 10-9 Sobotta.

Round 2: Leg kick from Sobotta. Stiff jab comes back at him. One minute in. Saunders lands a body kick and another, then gets scrambled by a left hand. Sobotta on the attack as Saunders wobbles for his life. Two minutes in. Straight left by Sobotta and some good jabs. Cross counter buckles Saunders’ legs and Sobotta smashes him with a knee for a final knockdown.

Final result: Sobotta def. Saunders by TKO (knee and punches)

170 lbs.: Omari Akhmedov vs. Abdul Razak Alhassan

Round 1: Akhmedov catches a low kick and takes Alhassan down, then does so again when he tries to scramble up. Alhassan makes his way to the feet on the fence and lands a pair of good knees. One minute in. Both whiff on right hands. This is officially the longest fight of Alhassan’s career already. Akhmedov with a blast double into half guard. Now butterfly guard and Alhassan kicks him away. 1-2 by Alhassan. Two minutes to go.

Akhmedov looking for the counter right. Uppercut just misses. Leg kick from Alhassan. Body kick exchange. One minute to go. Counter left hook lands for Alhassan. They trade some big shots on the fence. Hard left hook from Akhmedov. 10-9 Akhmedov.

Round 2: Alhassan body kick met by a counter right. Leg kick by Akhmedov, straight right by Alhassan. More 1-2s from “Judo Thunder” as Akhmedov wings hooks. One minute in. They trade and Akhmedov takes him down into guard. Back to their feet and Akhmedov cracks him with an overhand right. Another shot by Akhmedov two minutes in and he puts Alhassan on his rear. Alhassan works his way up. 1-2 by Alhassan raises a mouse below Akhmedov’s eye. Two minutes to go.

Akhmedov 1-2. Alhassan pressing forward, blast-doubled to the mat again One minute to go. Akhmedov in half guard, pinning down an arm with his shin. 10-9 Akhmaedov.

Round 3: Leg kick from Akhmedov. 1-2 lands. One minute in. Counter combo by Akhmedov. Blast double and he downs Alhassan, only for “Judo Thunder” to sweep and return to his feet. Alhassan with a brutal right hand, avoids a shot. Two minutes in. Check hook from Akhmedov but now Alhassan’s got confidence, landing power shots. Akhmedov transitions from a double-leg to a single-leg and quickly moves to mount. Two minutes to go.

Akhmedov’s too tired to press the advantage. Alhassan slips out and they stand with a minute to go. Akhmedov ducks a 1-2 and shoots. Browne elbows by Alhassan. 10-9 Akhmedov.

Final result: Akhmedov def. Alhassan by split decision

170 lbs.: Oliver Enkamp vs. Nordine Taleb

Round 1: Taleb on the front foot early. 1-2 from Enkamp, Taleb comes back with a leg kick. Check hook. 1-2 from Taleb and an uppercut when Enkamp tries to shoot. One minute in. 3-2 connects. Enkamp wheel kick falls short, Taleb leg kick does not. Another. Enkamp tries the wheel kick again two minutes in. Enkamp shoots and chains his way through takedown attempts. He ultimately gets Taleb down with two minutes to go and they trade knees on the way up.

Right hand from Enkamp knocks Taleb over. Spinning back kick misses. Counter jab by Taleb, then they trade right hands and knee inside. Taleb hurls him down with a minute to go. Enkamp gets mission control right away, then threatens an armbar. He looks for a kmura before the bell. Close round. 10-9 Taleb.

Round 2: Taleb leg kick, Enkamp spinning back kick and axe kick attempt. Check hook from Taleb and they duke it out inside. Taleb stuffed. One minute in. Brief clinch. Enkamp looks for head kicks. 1-2 by Taleb catches Enkamp as the latter spins. Wheel kick falls short for the Swede and Taleb cracks him with a knee inside. Left hook two minutes in, then a straight right. Enkamp still looking to spin. Another pair of left hooks by Taleb and Enkamp shoots. Sprawled on with two minutes to go.

Enkamp still driving, winds up on the bottom when they scramble. Taleb on top in side control. Enkamp looks for the sweep, can’t budge Taleb and goes to his knees. One minute to go. Enkamp trying to sit out. Heavy elbow by Taleb as he regains half guard. Back to mission control before the bell. 10-9 Taleb.

Round 3: Sneaky head kick from Enkamp just misses. Glancing overhand right. He eats a leg kick and shoots, stuffed a minute in. Taleb not as active so far, lands a leg kick as I type that and eats a body kick. Enkamp knocks him off-balance with a left hook. Taleb with a right to the body. Two minutes in. Taleb finding a home for his counter left, catches a body kick and lands a leg kick. Check hook connects. Taleb low kick, Enkamp body kick. Two minutes to go.

Taleb with a double-leg and Enkamp tries to counter with a guillotine. Taleb’s on the correct side to defend and pulls him down when he tries to stand. half guard, then full guard. One minute to go. Enkamp trying to set up a gogoplata, Taleb snuffs it out. Taleb postures out of a couple of triangle attempts and sneaks in shots. Good elbows. 10-9 Taleb.

Final result: Taleb def. Enkamp by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Jack Hermansson vs. Alex Nicholson

Round 1: Hermansson light on his feet, Nicholson stalking. Hermansson catches a knee and takes Nicholson down, hoping to side control to avoid a guillotine. Solid right hands a minute in. Mount, then the back, dropping big punches all the while. Elbows now and he refuses to let up until the referee steps in.

Final result: Hermansson def. Nicholson by TKO (punches and elbows)

135 lbs.: Pedro Munhoz vs. Damian Stasiak

Round 1: Leg kick from Stasiak to start. Munhoz answers in kind. Body kick lands, almost caught. Stasiak tries to spin. More leg kicks by Munhoz. One minute in. Solid right hand on the break. Head kick glances off. Good rush from Stasiak. Munhoz staying busy with his kicks, two minutes in. Front kick to the body from Munhoz and Stasiak shoots into a Munhoz guillotine. Stasiak survives and returns to his feet. Left hand and knee by Stasiak. Overhand right stings him, then another and a knee. Two minutes to go.

Stasiak catches a body kick, lands an uppercut. Good body kick from Munhoz. 2-3 from Stasiak. Knee lands for the Brazilian, who eats a right hook. Good clinchwork from “Webster.” One minute to go. Munhoz shoots, denied. Stasiak tries a wheel kick. Munhoz ducks into an uppercut, can’t get the takedown. Heavy right hand by Stasiak, who hits a takedown at the bell. 10-9 Munhoz.

Round 2: Munhoz hurls a right hand, takes a spinning back kick. Munhoz cracks him with a jab on the counter that snaps his head kick. Right hand by Stasiak, combination lands a minute in. Check hook comes back. Stasiak tries another spinning back kick and they trade punches. Nice head kick and right hand land for Munhoz near the fence. Axe kick by Stasiak and Munhoz hops in with a knee. Two minutes in. Another heavy uppercut by Stasiak. Stasiak catches a kick and Munhoz clamps down on his neck before transitioning to the rear waistlock. He exits with a right hand. The punching exchanges are pretty equal with two minutes to go.

Stasiak spinning back fist met by a right hand. Spinning back kick. Heavy cross by Stasiak. Combination, overhand right met by body kicks. They trade on the fence. Munhoz shoots with a minute to go, exits with a right. One minute to go. Straight left by Stasiak. Stasiak catches a body kick, can’t get the takedown. Stasiak wheel kick goes long and he eats a left hook. Much closer. 10-9 Munhoz.

Round 3: Stasiak stuffs a takedown in the early going. Munhoz still pressing forward, stuffed again. Big left hook and knee from Munhoz and he threatens a guillotine. Stasiak might be running out of steam, eats a right hand. One minute in. Head kick from Stasiak and he shoots, pulling guard when Munhoz cracks him with a knee. Full guard for Stasiak. Ref stands them up for lack of action two minutes in. Munhoz cracks him with knees. Left gook and a glancing right soon after. Stasiak lands a spinning back kick, then a punching combination. Straight left by Stasiak met by heavy low kicks. Two minutes to go.

Stasiak with a 3-2. Munhoz snaps him down from the front headlock and puts in a hook. Stasiak gets the hook out and stands, only to get slammed down with a minute to go. Again. And again. Stasiak separates, eats an overhand right, and they trade big shots. 10-9 Munhoz.

Final result: Munhoz def. Stasiak by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Chris Camozzi vs. Trevor Smith

Round 1: Low kick and right hands from Smith, who takes Camozzi down less than thirty seconds in. One minute in. Camozzi looking for an omoplata, stymied by the fence. Smith patiently works his arm free and drops ground-and-pound from turtle position. Camozzi works his way up, lands a knee to the body. Camozzi defending, trying to frame. Double underhooks for Smith with two minutes to go.

Camozzi grabs wrist control. Camozzi with a pair of knees, eats one to the body. Single-leg from Smith and he sets up in guard. One minute to go. Smith drops a left hand from standing and briefly gets side control. Back to half guard. 10-9 Smith.

Round 2: Overhand right from Smith, who hits a low double against the fence. One minute in. Camozzi not offering much off of his back as Smith chips away. Two minutes in. More ground-and-pound from Smith in half guard. Two minutes to go.

More elbows from Smith and Camozzi’s opened up. More pessure, more good shots. Camozzi gives up the back with just over a minute to go. Back to half guard. Smith continues to work until the bell. 10-9 Smith.

Round 3: Straight left from Camozzi, coming out aggressively. He stuffs a shot, gets put on the fence. Smith works his way to double underhooks. One minute in. More grinding from Smith. Ref breaks them up. Good right hand by Smith, who hauls him back to the fence. He runs the pipe for a single-leg into guard two minutes in. Smith staying heavy, works his way into half guard. Two minutes to go.

Smith looks for mount, can’t get it, keeps working with right hands. Full mount with a minute to go. Good elbows. Camozzi gets back to butterfly guard. 10-9 Smith.

Final result: Smith def. Camozzi by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Joaquim Silva vs. Reza Madadi

Round 1: Madadi on the front foot early. Front kick from Silva. Knee from Madadi and they separate. One minute in. Silva lands a counter right. Nice takedown from Madadi, Silva scrambles back up immediately. Jabs from Madadi, right hand from Silva. Madadi ducks a right hand for another takedown into half guard. Two minutes in. Silva works his way back to butterfly guard, then closes it. Two minutes to go.

Not much action from either fighter. Madadi trying to land short shots as Silva holds him close. One minute to go. Silva tries a triangle, eats a hard right hand. Madadi passes to half guard. 10-9 Madadi.

Round 2: Head kick from Silva knocks Madadi off-balance. Overhand right lands for Madadi, as does a stuff jab. Good knee to the body, Silva answers with a left hook. Madadi ducks a right hand and scores another takedown, cannot keep him down. One minute in. Silva slings heavy shots and ties up on the fence. Madadi slips out of a guillotine and lands a right hand, but gets wobbled by a head kick. He waves Silva on two minutes in. Body kick and body punches by Silva. Big right hand, but a spinning elbow knocks him back. Knee from Madadi. Good right hand, shoots, stuffed. Two minutes to go.

Stuffed, knee. Cross counter by Silva. He’s putting together combinations on the fence. Nice flurry. 2-3 by Madadi and a hard right hand after Silva sprawls on him. One minute to go. Silva whiffs on a knee and Madadi teases him. Overhand right by Madadi. Close round. 10-9 Silva.

Round 3: Silva comes out slugging, sending out rapid-fire kicks and punches. Right hand by Silva. Right hands and a nice double-leg for Madadi, who works his way out of a guillotine. One minute in. Silva works his way up, eats a knee, and Madadi changes levels for another takedown away from the fence. Two minutes in. Madadi staying heavy, but Silva manages to work his way to his feet. Silva pressing forward with combinations. Spinning elbow by Madadi, but Silva drops him with a counter right and takes the back. Madadi working his way out the back door. Two minutes to go.

Silva avoids one takedown, counters another into half guard. Silva going hard with ground-and-pound. One minute to go. Heavy punches by Silva, who slaps on a guillotine as Madadi stands. Madadi gets his head out, but just doesn’t have enough strength left to take him down. 10-9 Silva.

Final result: Silva def. Madadi by split decision

170 lbs.: Nico Musoke vs. Bojan Velickovic

Round 1: Musoke grabs the the clinch forty seconds in and trips Velickovic down on the fence. One minute in. Short punches. Velickovic trying to use the cage to stand. More solid punches by Musoke. Two minutes in. He slams home shots on Velickovic as they stand and follows up with a knee. Back to the center. Straight left from Velickovic, then another. Two minutes to go.

Another left hand by Velickovic. Another. Low kick lands. Quick exchange in the center. Musoke catches a kick and takes him to the fence with a minute to go. hey separate. Straight right lands for Musoke. Body kick lands and Velickovic shoots, denied. 10-9 Musoke.

Round 2: Musoke looks for the head kick early. Leg kick by Velickovic. Straight left. Velickovic busier in the early going. One minute in. Good right hand by Musoke. Leg kick by Velickovic, who tries to Sweep the Leg. Two minutes in. Head kick lands for Musoke, Velickovic comes back with right hands. Left hook by Musoke. Two minutes to go.

Nice shot from Velickovic into guard. Musoke makes his way up on the fence, eats a body kick. One minute to go. Musoke catches a body kick and takes him down on the fence. Velickovic back up, Musoke doing work in the clinch. Nice elbow by the Swede. Tough to score. 10-9 Musoke.

Round 3: Low kick from Velickovic, punching exchange. Nice head kick by Musoke answered by a straight left. One minute in. Musoke working behind his jab. Velickovic cracks him with a stiff jab in return. Musoke shoots into a guillotine and they scramble. Musoke puts him on the fence. Two minutes in. They separate twenty seconds later and trade right hands. Low kick from Velickovic, low kick and body kick from Musoke. Velickovic shoots, denied. Two minutes to go.

Sneaky little trip from Velickovic and both land their power hands. 2-3 from Musoke. Straight left by Velickovic, right hooks inside. One minute to go. Right hand by Musoke to counter a takedown attempt. Good combination. Both land right hands but it’s Velickovic’s hook that completely scrambles Musoke’s brains. Musoke wobbles to the ground and the ref steps in when Velickovic plugs him one more time.

Final result: Velickovic def. Musoke by TKO (punches)

170 lbs.: Jessin Ayari vs. Darren Till

Round 1: Ayari orthodox, Till southpaw. Low kick from Ayari. Heavy straight left lands for Till a minute in. Another one on the counter and Ayari’s unsteady. Till stalking forward, spears him with more left hands. Ayari playing like he’s unhurt. Two minutes in. Body knee by Till. Head kick blocked. He ducks in for an easy takedown, can’t keep him there. Ayari clinches, gets swept to the mat. Two minutes to go.

Till with a left hand as they stand. Overhand right lands for Ayari, straight left comes back soon after. One minute to go. Left hand from Till, hook from Ayari in return. 10-9 Till.

Round 2: Ayari sends out right hands. Falling just a tad short with a lot of his punches. Left hook lands for him, but he gets clobbered with a series of counter left straights. He shoots, surrenders guard, and looks for a triangle. Till pulls his arm free, drills him with a straight left, and avoids an armbar a minute in. Till stands over him and dives in with an elbow that just misses. Two minutes in. Ayari kicks him away and stands, going after him, but gets plugged with the same left hand. Uppercut from Ayari and he shoots. Till grabs the fence to avoid it, Ayari still attached. Two minutes to go.

More left hands by Till, who eats a knee and elbow. ANOTHER counter left drops Ayari and Till whacks away as Ayari goes for a leg. Savage elbows from Till with a minute to go. Another. More brutal ground-and-pound. Ayari uses a knee shield to make space and Till waves him up. 10-8 Till.

Round 3: Knee to the body from Ayari, who runs headlong into the left hand again. He avoids a spinning back fist. One minute in. Ayari shoots, lands a nice elbow in the clinch. Straight left from Till when they separate. Head kick blocked. Body kick is not. Two minutes in. Body kick lands for Ayari, whom Till throws aside when he tries to tie up. Two minutes to go.

Right hand lands for Ayari. He’s going for it. Counter left for Till once again after he takes a left hook. Knee and left hand by Till, but Ayari catches a finger in the eye. Till clowning when they resume. Heavy counter left before the bell. 10-9 Till.

Final result: Till def. Ayari by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Damir Hadzovic vs. Marcin Held

Round 1: Hadzovic with a nice knee early on. Working behind his jab. Held staying busy as well, pops him with a right hand. Front kick stings Held and Hadzovic follows up with an uppercut. One minute in. Nice exchange and Held lands hard uppercuts in the clinch. Held with a knee, Hadzovic with a right hand in the clinch. Held ducks in for a long-range takedown and completes it into half guard. Two minutes in. Side control now for Held. Back to half, then full guard with two minutes to go.

Held with some short elbows, hops into half guard and threatens with front chokes to keep Hadzovic down. Back to full guard with a minute to go. Held falls back for a leg, can’t get it but scrambles into side control. Back mount, both hooks in. Not enough time. 10-9 Held.

Round 2: Held opens with a wheel kick, then shoots in on a Hadzovic knee for another takedown. Hadzovic scoots to the fence. Hadzovic working to stand, gives up his back doing so. One minute in. Hadzovic on his feet with a backpack on him, manages to shake Held off as the Pole works his way under the chin. Solid elbow before they separate. Two minutes in. Hadzovic fires a head kick and gets taken right back down into half guard. He passes into side control with two minutes to go.

Held looking to frame up a d’arce, does so. Not quite deep enough and Hadzovic slips out, though Held maintains side control. Back to full guard. Lovely pass to mount, then the back with thirty seconds to go. Again, not enough time. 10-9 Held, since Sweden isn’t using the new scoring criteria.

Round 3: Held slides in for an Imanari slide and Hadzovic annihilates him with the knee he’s been looking for all night. K’d the F O. Knockout of the Year candidate for the Bosnian Bomber as he recreates Joachim Hansen’s greatest finish.

Final result: Hadzovic def. Held by KO (knee)

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