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Midnight Mania! 12-year-old girl chokes out 24-year-old in MMA debut

Bringing you the weird and the wild from the world of MMA, each and every weeknight ...

Welcome to Midnight Mania! And yes, this got weird.

Remember this? The 12 year old girl, Momo, who was booked to fight a 24-year-old in Japan? Well, she went out and choked her opponent into submission... inside a round.

According to Uproxx, her 24-year-old opponent works a full time job as a restaurant hostess, while Momo trains 18 hours a week.

While the freakshow nature of the bout was disturbing to many, it is clear that Momo was better prepared for the bout than many realized. The addition of headgear and banning strikes to the head of a downed opponent were cursory nods to the boundaries this fight was clearly pushing, even for Japan.

With that said, many martial arts cultures have a tradition of letting children fight, including Muay Thai...

... and Russian MMA. Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov, he of the homosexual concentration camps, let his children fight in a cage- to the tune of a lot of cash, as it turns out.

This wasn’t the only extremely young fighter to fight on that Japanese MMA card, either:


What exactly is going on with Conor’s beard in this painting? Why is it split above and below his chin?

A lot of Twitter beef happening lately, and a lot of Al Iaquinta calling people dorks.

UFC fighter Tyson Pedro won a punch machine contest at the UFC Fighter Summit and wants it to stay that way. Also... is this true about punching machines?

This doesn’t look like it ends well, and I’m not sure what the YOLO message means when this was clearly a bad idea

Good for Kajan Johnson, UFC lightweight, who actually spoke out about the awful Reebok deal and got removed from the UFC Fighter Conference for it.

Joe Lauzon is adamant he is helping the fighters work out what is going wrong with the disastrous Reebok deal. It’s about time the fighters made their voices heard, particularly with Rory Macdonald reportedly making 400K to fight in Bellator.

Cormier and Cruz messing with each other

Good call out by Jason Knight, but the UFC aren’t going to give Yair someone this tough as a bounce-back fight

UFC just cloning fighters out there now

No one wants to go toe to toe with Cyborg- you might get punched, particularly if you are Angela Magana.

Well, I guess one person (Megan Anderson, who actually wants to fight Cyborg for some reason) will go toe to toe with her. Still... probably not a good idea.

Dillashaw throwing a little shade Garbrandt’s way with this. He doesn’t think Garbrandt will make their fight date at UFC 213.

Having all the fighters in one place? How could that lead to any trouble at all?

Slips, Rips, and Knockout Clips

This double knock-down was amazing, and Dorian Price is the man for just standing back up from that elbow.

Tenshin Nasukawa is just 18 and undefeated in Kickboxing

Did it.

This guy delivered the goods too

What ferocious being took over Roxanne’s body? She kicked ass.

Just a little Sumo today.

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Max Holloway should have had a shot at Jose Aldo’s belt after he won this amazing fight against Cub Swanson, but he’s had to win four since then to finally get his crack at the unified featherweight title, making his win streak ten straight.

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Okay, yeah, this is hilarious

The secret life of this pet is out

Stay woke, Maniacs!

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