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Read Cris Cyborg’s letter of support for new CSAC weigh-cut changes

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Cyborg vs Lansberg Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Extreme weight cuts in MMA are a serious problem and the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) is taking proper measures to limit injury moving forward. The CSAC’s newly introduced 10-point plan to reduce risky weight cuts is just the tip of the iceberg and a change that could help evolve the sport. Just ask MMA world beater and uncrowned UFC champion Cris Cyborg, who recently wrote a letter of support to the CSAC.

The letter, which was obtained by MMA Fighting through public commission records, reads as follows:

I am here today to show support for Andy Foster and the life saving changes the California Boxing Commission are putting into place today. As many of you know my biggest fight over the past few years hasn’t been in the ring or cage, but inside the bath, sauna, and on the treadmill.

While some fighters have been cutting a lot of weight in an attempt to gain an advantage over the person they are fighting, my last 2 fights have been at 140 lbs for different reasons.

Until recently the UFC has only had 2 weight classes for female athletes to compete in. 115 pound and 135lbs. While my natural class of 145lbs was not in the UFC, I was only given the opportunity to compete in the promotion if I was willing to sacrifice my body to make the lowest possible weight by using a method called “Weight Cutting” where I am severely dehydrating my body.

For years I petitioned to have not only my weight class but others introduced that will allow fighters to safely make competition weight. Even Though boxing teaching us that their are women heavier than 135lbs, with Champions like Laila Ali, Lucia Riker [sic] I was told there weren’t girls at my weight to fight.

It is amazing to see the California boxing commission support the fighters and help take the first step in protecting the fighters from themselves. With the decisions today, promoters are going to have to introduce additional weight classes. The further monitoring being done by the California Athletic Commission will go a long way to make sure fighters are no longer making un safe weight cuts that put their life in danger.

July 29th I will be fighting at UFC 214 in Anaheim and I am excited to help showcase the new rules and the safety net it is forcing the promoters to create of the fighters. I am hoping to be able to compete within the guidelines laid out today, and am glad to see the UFC already announce the addition of a 125lbs weight class for women.

It is my hope that the changes do not stop today. There are still many acts that need to be put in place to protect both the fighters and the sport but today is a great step in the right direction.

Cyborg, who has yet to compete inside of the Octagon as a featherweight, has struggled heavily with weight cuts in the past. The Brazilian knockout artist even battled with United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to clear her name after taking prescription drugs to rebound from a severe weight cut.

Despite her recent quarrels with weight, Cyborg has battered each of her two UFC opponents since her 140-pound debut in 2016. Having the chance to compete at her natural weight moving forward should only enhance the featherweight’s effectiveness inside of the cage.

If more fighters like Cyborg speak out in support of the safety changes being introduced by the CSAC then the transition to a healthier sport will be easier to manage.

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