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Midnight Mania! Horrific leg break stops MMA fight in Indonesia

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Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight we’ve got a gruesome injury, Cody Garbrandt responding to criticism of his TUF 25 coaching, Mike Perry beefing on Twitter, Groovy Lando naming a return date, knockouts, highlights, podcasts, and much more.

Don’t Kick the Hip

MMA has had it’s fair share of horrifying injuries, but perhaps the most viscerally appalling are when limbs snap. I will probably never erase the memory of Anderson Silva’s leg snapping and everyone draining the bar in shocked silence at UFC 168.

This absolutely traumatizing leg break comes to us courtesy of the inimitable MMA Twitter regular Grabaka Hitman, who refused to GIF the moment, but did capture this still for you, and linked to the video.

The fight-ending moment came as Ferdin, in the red shorts, threw a kick at Adi R Manurung, landing on the hip. Manurung caught the kick and dumped Ferdin to the canvas. Incredibly, Ferdin was still mentally in the fight, and even attempted a sweep. Manurung got into mount, and Ferdin can be seen asking him not to throw punches, while pointed at his broken leg to the referee. It took a couple seconds, but the referee finally came around to dragging Manurung off Ferdin. That’s one tough dude.

Skip to 5:18 for the leg break


Cody is not taking criticism of his coaching on the Ultimate Fighter 25 too kindly, stating he is a fighter, not a coach. See the recap for Episode 5 here

Lando Vannata wants to return in August against someone that gets his blood flowing.

I want August. Someone who's gonna excite me.

A post shared by Lando Vannata (@groovylando) on

Platinum Perry is beefing with Gerald Harris on Twitter, who called him out. For reference, Harris is the guy who landed this slam KO at a Legacy event.

Perry didn’t think much of his callout, though.

“Demian Maia, go away” -Tyron Woodley compares Demian Maia, rightly, to a backpack.

Who should he fight next? Demian Maia... obviously.

This is a well-matched fight.

Garbrandt’s fight at UFC 213 is definitely in jeopardy.

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

This weekend in combat sports has plenty going on even without a UFC card.

Gorgeous spinning combination to end this one. A pimp slap with the foot, if you will.

Another look

This event had plenty of action besides the leg break

When just running forward and throwing bombs works.

Great hype video for UFC 212

This is “fighting in a phone booth”

I feel bad for posting this... but come on. Who let them do this and then filmed it?

Podcasts and Video

I got name dropped at 8:20 on Heavy Hands for describing what Stipe Miocic has improved on at . That’s right. Your boy is famous now.

Promotional Malpractice Live Chat

Jason Knight had to get his Mom to sign a permission slip to begin his MMA career.

UFC 212 Extended Preview

Good Reads

  • Chavez got his 3 million dollar check stolen by three hotties who drugged or boozed him in a hotel room after losing his fight to Canelo. His check was replaced, but his $40,000 dollar watch is still at large. Next time, just go home with your wife, man.
  • Schwan Humes breaks down Rory Macdonald’s game in considerable depth for Severe MMA. I got a shout from him on Twitter for helping kickstart the direction for this one.
  • Rory Macdonald is making less in Bellator in sponsorships than he was in the UFC, because he’s being selective with his sponsors. He’s sure it will work out to his benefit in the long term
  • Jack Slack is here with the GIF-loaded analysis of Jedrzejczyk’s best performance to date against Andrade at UFC 211
  • Bisping says he is too injured to fight Yoel Romero. Why not just wait... for Georges St. Pierre? At this point, it’s pretty obvious to everyone what Bisping is doing. He’s not fooling anyone with this Abbott-and-Costello routine.

Random Land

Stay woke, Maniacs!

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