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Donald Cerrone: Jon Jones should be free to do drugs and kick ass

Donald Cerrone shared some classic ‘Cowboy’ wisdom during the latest UFC 213 promotional event.

UFC's Jon Jones Open Workout Photo by Steve Snowden/Getty Images

Who needs a PR department when the UFC can just send Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone out to sell their fights? The welterweight fighter was on fire during today's UFC 213 media luncheon, building up his fight with Robbie Lawler on July 8th and standing up for his training partner at Jackson-Wink, Jon Jones.

"If Jon wants to do drugs and still kick ass, you go ahead baby! You do your thing!" Cerrone told TMZ when asked if Jones was training hard for his UFC 214 rematch against Daniel Cormier.

As for what he expects to happen in his fight with Lawler?

"One of us is knocking the other's head off, for damn sure."

He also had a pretty compelling opinion on this fight's ability to convert people into fans of mixed martial arts.

"It's gonna be exciting," he said. "I don't even know why anyone keeps selling this fight. It's already ... if you're not a fucking MMA fan after watching this fight, then fuck you. That's all I gotta say, man!"

Well said, sir.

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