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UFC 211 results from last night: Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Jessica Andrade fight recap

MMA: UFC 211-Jedrzejczyk vs Andrade Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s Strawweight strikers Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Jessica Andrade clashed last night (May 13, 2017) at UFC 211 inside American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

Jedrzejczyk walks into every fight with just about the same plan: Dominate her opponent with endless combinations and tireless technique. Opposite a dangerous finisher in Andrade, nothing was particularly different, “Joanna Champion” just had to stay sharp and avoid getting hit with anything major.

Looking to hit her with something major was “Bate Estaca,” or pile driver, who looked to smash Jedrzejczyk with little respect for all her skill and accomplishments. One of the more experienced women on the roster, Andrade was not going to simply lay over opposite the Strawweight queen.

Jedrzejczyk took the center of the cage and immediately began stabbing at her opponent with long range shots. After taking some punches, Andrade swarmed her opponent with big hooks that lead into a takedown.

Nevertheless, Jedrzejczyk worked her way back to the feet, where she began attacking with hard strikes in the clinch. She then moved to the center, where Jedrzejczyk’s long range volume allowed her to control the exchanges. Andrade attempted a few of her charges, but Jedrzejczyk did an excellent job of circling away from those punches.

Andrade had several good moments, but Jedrzejczyk landed at a much higher volume.

Jedrzejczyk landed probably 10 low kicks in the opening 60 seconds of the second round. At her distance, Jedrzejczyk was simply too active and too long, as she landed hard shots and watched Andrade’s counter strikes come up well short.

To her credit, Andrade kept trying to move forward, but Jedrzejczyk circled well and kept up her offense even on the back foot. Whenever Jedrzejczyk got to close to the fence, she pivoted or switched direction, often causing Andrade to run straight into the fence.

Jedrzejczyk’s level of activity was incredible.

The only major change in the third round was that Jedrzejczyk walked her opponent down. She still worked constantly with hard low kicks and jabs, which is not to say she didn’t land another few high kicks and punches as well. Andrade’s charges were becoming more infrequent, as the most common result was a miss or counter. Meanwhile, the low kicks were adding up, as Andrade was not quite as explosive as her early showing.

Heading into the championship rounds, Andrade was looking very sore and a little lost.

The fourth round was very much more of the same. Andrade was desperate, reverting to simply walking forward, even abandoning her stance. It didn’t lead her to any success, as Jedrzejczyk was even more accurate with her plant counters against a foe who was moving towards her squarely. With about one minute remaining in the round, Jedrzejczyk was so clearly controlled that the people watching with me were now audibly counting each time Jedrzejczyk landed a low kick after the UFC flashed a statistic.

Heading into the final round, that tally stood at 65.

Without beating a dead horse too much, Jedrzejczyk’s game plan continued to work beautifully in the fifth round. Andrade went for it and really tried to land something big, but Jedrzejczyk was just too sharp and punished her every attempt.

It was yet another dominant win for the champion.

What more is there to say about “Joanna Champion?” Her range control in this fight was picture-perfect. At distance, Jedrzejczyk dissected her opponent with jabs, low kicks, and a half-dozen head kicks. When her opponent really pushed forward, Jedrzejczyk’s ability to stop and land a hard right hand was amazing, or she would simply pivot around her foe.

At worse, if Andrade really did a nice job of crashing into range, Jedrzejczyk would latch onto the double-collar tie. From there, she could dig knees into her shorter foe, or yank Andrade off-balance and reset back to the middle.

It was close to perfect. Best of luck to Rose Namajunas, Jedrzejczyk’s next challenger.

As for Andrade, she does have a couple things to be proud of. First and foremost, her conditioning was impressive. She gassed repeatedly at Bantamweight, but this is her correct weight class, and it showed. She actually landed more shots in the final round than any other, which is a testament to her heart and conditioning.

The 25 year old still has a bright future.

Last night, Joanna Jedrzejczyk put on a masterclass performance to dominate another tough foe. Does anyone have a chance opposite the champion?

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