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UFC 211 results: Demian Maia decisions Jorge Masvidal, secures next Welterweight title shot

UFC 194: Maia vs. Nelson Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Demian Maia had the inside-track to an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight title fight, but the promotion convinced the Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace to take a dangerous fight against the No. 5-ranked Jorge Masvidal tonight (Sat., May 13, 2017) inside American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

And he still does, but Masvidal gave him all he could handle during their 15-minute technical battle.

Both fighters came out with Maia looking to touch gloves, but Masvidal wasn’t having anything to do with it. Maia wasted zero time trying to get the fight on his terms, scoring a takedown one minute into the match. Masvidal tried to peel him off, but Maia’s relentless pursuit eventually ended with him on the back of “Gamebred” with a body triangle locked in, angling for a rear-naked choke submission. Masvidal was able to control his wrist, but Maia just use the other hand to whack him in the temple repeatedly. Masvidal went to cover his face so Maia switched it up and began to tenderize his ribs. Masvidal was finally able to peel off Maia’s hand and dump him into the bottom of the fence as the round came to a close. He landed a few nice shots before the buzzer blared, but it was still a lopsided round in favor of his opponent.

Both men came out for the second round looking winded, but not tired enough for Masvidal to start unloading heavy leg kicks. Maia shot in for a takedown, but Masvidal sprawled and pinged him with a short shot before getting back to their feet. Masvidal continued to unload with leg kicks as Maia attempted repeated takedowns. Midway through the round he was finally able to get on top, but he was seemingly too tired to do anything with the position as Masvidal inched his way back to his feet. Masvidal eventually sat down with Maia on his back, who peppered him with light shots as he took a breather and waited for the round to end.

Masvidal opened up the third round action with a tremendous inside leg kick that appeared to bother Maia. In fact, two minutes into the round and Maia had not attempted a single takedown, content to sit on the outside and pump a jab. That changed, though, almost instantly as Maia shot in for a takedown and secured it after Masvidal tried to jump away. Down along the bottom of the cage, Maia worked hard to sink in a rear-naked choke. Masvidal was able to spin out of danger, though, as Maia boxed his ears from behind until the fight concluded.

Masvidal put up a good fight and had a few bright spots in the striking department, but as is normally the case, the grappling and control or Maia was just too much to overcome. Indeed, two of the three judges sitting ringside gave the nod to Maia, who at this point has done more than enough to next compete for the 170-pound title.

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