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Video: Georges St-Pierre kicks beer bottle out of Bruce Buffer’s hand in new Bud Light commercial

While former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is working his way back for a middleweight title fight that is no more, the Canadian superstar still has time to participate in some prime commercial shooting. After all, GSP has always landed big endorsements en route to padding his bank account.

In the above video courtesy of Fancy Combat, St-Pierre can be seen kicking a beer bottle out of UFC Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer’s hand for an upcoming Bud Light commercial. This isn’t the first time GSP has put his skills to use for Bud Light. A few years ago, he kicked a beer off a fan’s head, smashing it all over the Tristar Gym canvas.

Hopefully this isn’t the reason why St-Pierre had to wait until after October to meet UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping inside of the Octagon. That fight is no longer on the docket for 2017, so GSP will have plenty of time to bash brews in the near future.

This is just food for thought, but wouldn’t it be more badass for St-Pierre to kick the bottle of a Bud Light competitor, rather than the blue-labeled beer itself?

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