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Midnight Mania! Georges St. Pierre explains why he might not fight Anderson Silva

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Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight we’ve got GSP expressing his doubts on whether he will fight Anderson Silva, Junior Dos Santos singing AC/DC, knockouts, podcasts, previews, and more

GSP and the Stock Market

Now that his fight with Michael Bisping is off, Georges St. Pierre doesn’t sound too high on the idea of fighting Anderson Silva. He explains his perspective on that fight in the video above.

“Eh... It could happen. It depend on the condition. Fight is about timing, you know what I mean? Sometime, some guys, their stock is high, some guy their stock is lower. You want the guy, their stock is the highest. It fluctuates. I don’t think his stock right now is very high. He’s a legend, stuff he has done in the past, but he’s not the same as he was back in the day.

This talk of whose stock is the highest has some speculating that GSP may be the fight that brings Conor McGregor back to the UFC. No one’s stock is currently higher than the Irishman, and GSP’s coach Firas Zahabi has said GSP could find it much easier to cut down to lightweight than move up to middleweight. And the timing would work out, as GSP and McGregor are both slated to return in the fall. It would certainly be the biggest fight the UFC could possibly make.

Of course, that would mean losing those extra ten pounds he says he’s gained while angling for the Bisping fight.

Watch the video to see it get a little awkward as the host gets a little touchy-feely with the Canadian star.

And watch below to see him take the head clean off the faceless man.


The rumors are flying that Gastelum’s next fight could be against Chris Weidman- after his marijuana suspension is up, of course. This makes little sense for Weidman, who is long overdue for a tune-up fight. But that’s how the cookie crumbles in MMA. We will wait and see.

Normally this would go down below with the fight clips, but I could bury Batman beating up Spiderman only to get jumped by Santa Claus, could I?

Junior Dos Santos boxing with a reporter’s young son is possibly the most endearing thing you will see all day.

Junior Dos Santos adapts a popular rock song to his training and sings it for reporters.

Wow. What a prize. This is peak MMA.

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

This slam is made more insane by the slammer getting subsequently armbarred

Alaska Fighting Championships is just a good time all around.

Watch Dillon Danis take on AJ Agarzam ahead of his bout with Jake Shields

Lights out from this two-piece

Nothing like a good rear-naked choke to seal a victory

Masvidal has been in this game a long time.

Old random highlights are also cool

Podcasts and Video

Andrew Richardson’s breakdown of Junior Dos Santos’ body jab technique is crucial, because it had a huge impact on the first fight and likely will play into this outcome as well

Fight Nerds previews UFC 211

Jack Slack’s UFC 211 Preview

The MMA Ratings Podcast

The MMA Vivisection

Goodreads, Home of the Good Reads

  • Where in politics did the UFC’s money go in 2016? Tim Bissell investigates in this feature article.
  • This old SI longform tells the story of Lee Murray, MMA fighter and international bank heist criminal
  • Ryan Harkness explains how Conor McGregor was an inspiration for a reboot on a medieval classic tale

Random Land

My biggest fear of the ocean is apparently completely rational

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