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Charlie Hunnam credits Conor McGregor as inspiration for ‘King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword’

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' 'King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword' - Arrivals Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Conor McGregor sure is making waves in Hollywood, even if the lightweight champion has resisted the urge to go there himself.

You'd think Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam has enough experience being a bad ass to play King Arthur in Guy Ritchie's new adaptation of the legendary warrior, ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.’ But according to a new interview with Hunnam, he pulled a lot of inspiration from Conor McGregor.

“For me, the thing I could relate to most readily and was most excited about is the idea of the cultivation of self-belief and subduing one’s inner demons in order to strengthen one’s disposition, to the point of being able to go out and do great things and beat the insurmountable odds,” Hunnam said. “We spent a lot of time looking at people out there in the world doing that. Particularly Conor McGregor was somebody that I drew a lot of inspiration from and that Guy and I discussed a lot."

"I saw one interview with him, and he was talking to a journalist, and the journalist asked what specific challenges that he thought his opponent would pose to McGregor. He said, ‘There is no opponent. I’m in the octagon by myself.’ Which I think is sort of like the Bruce Lee philosophy, you’re in there fighting yourself. It’s all about self-belief and knowing what you’re capable of. And if you’re dialed in and focused to your true potential, then any obstacle is going to crumble before you.”

It's interesting hearing McGregor's name continue to come up like this. Last year, Ben Affleck threw Conor McGregor's name out as an inspiration to the fighting style his Batman employed. All this makes you think it's inevitable that Conor starts getting some crazy offers to get in front of the cameras himself to give the audience the real deal. It's already almost happened twice, once with Vin Diesel's XXX sequel and more recently with the upcoming Predator reboot, but neither offer was rich enough to take McGregor’s McGregor’s attention away from cage fighting.

With the clock ticking on negotiations for a Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, perhaps Conor will become more willing to flirt with a pivot to acting if he feels he needs to play hardball with the UFC to get what he really wants.

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