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Video: Michael Bisping is Roy ‘Pretty Boy’ Shaw in ‘My Name is Lenny’ movie trailer

I don’t think Michael Bisping is that pretty, but then again, I don’t live in Britain so I guess I’ve just been spoiled by California girls (blame this guy).

Nevertheless, “The Count” will be known as Roy “Pretty Boy” Shaw in the direct-to-torrent classic My Name Is Lenny about a bareknuckle boxer who wears boxing gloves in most of these clips.

Art imitating life?

“The film chronicles Lenny McLean’s origin as a young street fighter in 1970s East End London, the haunting effects of horrific childhood abuse, and his bitter rivalry with Roy Shaw across three unlicensed boxing matches, culminating in Lenny taking the championship title of ‘The Guv’nor,’” according to the press release (via Variety).

“Lenny” is played by Josh Helman, one of Immortan Joe’s War Boys in Mad Max: “Fury Road” (he just promoted himself).

Now that Bisping has wrapped his filming duties — which also included this role — he can focus on his next middleweight title defense, expected to take place this summer against the returning Georges St-Pierre.

Now THAT’S a pretty boy!

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