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Jon Jones will meet with the press on Friday leading into UFC 210

The UFC has set up a meeting between Jon Jones and the media on the eve of his old belt being fought for by Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson at UFC 210.

Interim UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones Press Conference Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The shadow of Jon Jones looms large over UFC 210.

With the main event featuring a light heavyweight title match between current champion Daniel Cormier and challenger Anthony Johnson, many expect the winner will face off with Jones once his 12 month USADA drug suspension expires in July. The UFC hasn't done much to confirm or deny those suspicions, but that may change on Friday April 7th when a sitdown between select press outlets and Jones has been scheduled.

What is the purpose of this meeting? Will Jones declare his intention to reclaim his light heavyweight title? Or is he in some new sort of trouble, as was rumored recently on Twitter? You never really know with Jones, whose ability to self-sabotage is almost as legendary as his domination of the light heavyweight division.

Jones has the UFC in an uncomfortable situation ... while everyone expects him to come back from his drug test failure clomiphene and letrozole (the result of taking mystery 'dick pills' according to Jones) and challenge for the 205 pound belt, it would be a bad look for the UFC to promote that while Jones is serving a suspension. Maybe that's why the promotion is simply setting Jon up with the press and then letting him declare his desire to take on Cormier or Johnson following their scrap in Buffalo on April 8th.

Whatever the reason for the press meeting, we're looking forward to the press grilling Jones regarding his sketchy drug suspension and his plans now that he's months away from being able to compete once again. Between his hit-and-run case and this drug failure, we've only seen Jones fight twice in the past three years. Let's cross our fingers and hope Friday's press event is all about hyping up a future fight, not revealing another screw up.

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