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Gegard Mousasi: Mark Hunt is 10-10 and makes $800k per fight, how the f—k is that possible?

MMAAA to the rescue?

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Gold Coast Suns Meet With Mark Hunt Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Streaking middleweight contender Gegard Mousasi, winner of four straight with three consecutive knockout finishes, is perplexed by the “ridiculous” pay scale in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Some folks just don’t understand how prizefighting works.

“The Dreamcatcher” is miffed because most of his colleagues (like this guy) are racking up beaucoup bucks, while the former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight champion is scraping by with chump change, comparatively speaking.

Mousasi (41-6-2) vents to Fight Society (via MMA Fighting):

“I just see that Vitor Belfort is making tons more money than me. I defeated Dan Henderson, he’s making tons more money than me. I defeated Mark Hunt. How is it possible Mark Hunt is making $800,000 with a record of 10-10? Look at my record. How the fuck is that possible? It comes all down to this fight. That’s why I trained so hard for this fight. It’s not because I want to beat Chris Weidman. It’s because I need to get paid, and I’m going to get paid. That’s what I’m going to do.”

Hunt, submitted by “The Dreamcatcher” back in 2009, made a disclosed $700,000 at UFC 200 against Mousasi’s $110,000.

Mousasi will gamble with the last fight on his UFC contract by fighting Weidman, the former UFC middleweight champion, in the UFC 210 co-main event this weekend in Buffalo, New York. A win puts him in a position of strength at the bargaining table. A loss might leave him in the same situation as this guy.

Let’s hope he can give 100 percent.

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