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Midnight Mania! McGregor rips boxing, Woodley teases mystery opponent for July

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Michael Conlan v Tim Ibarra Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight we’ve got Conor McGregor styling it up on the pads and ripping boxing’s limited ruleset, Tyron Woodley announced he is fighting someone, longer footage of TJ Dillashaw sparring Vasyl Lomachenko, the Karate Hottie being a hottie, Nick Diaz doing straight up Ninja stuff with nunchucks, knockouts, podcasts, and much more.

The Unlimited Man

The Notorious has been keeping the hype for his potential bout with Floyd Mayweather alive through his social media trash talk. He quoted Bruce Lee to disparage boxing’s limited rule set when applied to a real fight. The caption reads:

Myself and [striking coach Owen Roddy] have been working together on unrestricted, unarmed fighting, since we are kids. Not much will change when I fight under the famed, yet very limited, Queensbury rules. No disrespect to single discipline fighters, from boxing to kicking to grappling, just know that understanding one style of fighting is simply not enough. You are lying to yourself. You are easily dismantled in a true fight. A fight with no rules to protect you. In a straight fight, you do not possess enough tools to keep you alive. You will be dismantled and killed.Like the late, great Bruce Lee once said: "When you are talking about fighting, as it is, with no rules, well then baby, you'd better train every part of your body"

This argument is not unfamiliar to proponents of mixed martial arts, and indeed, though boxing is a critical component of the sport, MMA has generally chewed up pure boxers who enter the Octagon without bothering to learn auxiliary skills. There are exceptions, of course. But typically, one needs more than one skillset to compete well in the cage, which McGregor claims is much closer to being an accurate representation of unarmed combat.

McGregor needs to establish this narrative if he ever does box, of course, because in all likelihood a dedicated boxer, much less Floyd Mayweather, will chew him up under the boxing ruleset.

Bobs and Weaves

Tyron Woodley with a mystery opponent in July... is it just the winner of Maia-Masvidal? Or is it someone else?

TJ Dillashaw is definitely finding the most athletic guys to work with. First it was a sparring session with Lomachenko; now he’s working with featherweight prospect Mirsad Bektic.

New Lomachenko footage has emerged, by the way:

Gotta love a confident girl in heels.

Nick Diaz doing ninja shit.

Cody Garbrandt is engaged!

It was enough for TJ Dillashaw to put aside their rivalry for a moment

Cody must be in a really good mood.

Meanwhile, in a different corner of MMA...

This is great

The Wolf

Cris Cyborg and Brian Stann aren’t getting along, currently. Stann is on record saying Cyborg is difficult to work with, and Cyborg didn’t much like that.

Al Iaquinta doesn’t like how Sage Northcutt, a less successful fighter in the same division as him, gets paid far more. That’s not exactly how he said it, of course.

Fedor’s brother is still a horrible human being, apparently.

Slips, Rips, and Fight Clips

TUF Redemption highlight

This was a great fight, and an even better knockout.

Podcasts and Video

Tommy Toehold’s Bushido Talk

Diego Sanchez doesn’t want to retire. That’s Diego Sanchez’ prerogative. If he’s going to keep fighting, I just want the UFC to not match him up against guys that crack like Iaquinta cracks. Let’s see him against the grapplers for a while.

The Promotional Malpractice Live Chat

Heavy Hands:

Quick Hits

Top Fanposts

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