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Video: Dana White talks humble beginnings, childhood street fights on ‘The Exchange’

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White may be rolling in the dough now (thanks to this), but the outspoken leader of the world’s leading mixed marital arts (MMA) organization wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

In fact, he was downright broke, as he had to wear knockoff clothing since his family couldn’t afford the good stuff growing up. But, according to White, whether you are financially rich or poor, you’re always going to be on the receiving end of criticism.

Much like this.

During a video preview of White’s interview on “The Exchange” with Megan Olivi, he talks about his humble beginnings as a kid, sharing the tale of a huge street fight in his front lawn in Las Vegas during his high school days. He also reveals that his mother let those same guys into their home hours later much to his surprise. Perhaps that’s where it all went south for mother and son.

Enjoy the preview of the one-one-one interview in the video player embedded above, and make sure to subscribe to UFC Fight Pass if you want to see the entire conversation.

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