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Video: Former UFC champ walks into a bar, punches MMA fan in the face

This always happens to me, I get to the local watering hole, look for my wallet, and realize I left my damn liability waiver on the kitchen counter. That’s why I can never get punched in the face by my favorite mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters.

Though I’m sure most of them would love to do it, regardless of the legal ramifications.

Fortunately for Joey McCrotchrot, he was prepared for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) strawweight Carla Esparza, who showed the adoring crowd some of her moves, though admittedly, the former 115-pound champ was forced to dial it back to a “2 out of 10.”

Lucky for him!

Esparza (11-4) was last seen dropping a split decision to Randa Markos at the UFC Fight Night 105 event earlier this year in Halifax. “Cookie Monster” is just 2-2 since capturing the glass trophy — and division title — at the conclusion of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 20.

Based on how difficult it has been for her to secure a fight, there’s no telling when or where Esparza will return to the Octagon, but at least she can get her pad work in at the nearby saloon.

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