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The Diaz brothers spent 4/20 getting high and hanging with the Wu-Tang Clan

Video showing Nick and Nate Diaz partying with the infamous Wu-Tang Clan at the Cannabis Cup proves they don’t need the UFC to have a good time.

Nick and Nate Diaz don't seem anywhere near to returning to the Octagon, but that isn't stopping him from having a lot of fun as MMA's unofficial embassador of marijuana. Last we checked in, Nick and his brother Nate were smoking gold foil joints shaped like UFC gloves. Now they're partying with the Wu-Tang Clan at the Cannabis Cup.

All these clips from the festivities come from Nick's Snapchat, the one form of communication he's comfortable enough to share his life through. Hell, once he even gave us a glimpse of him drunkely arguing with a USADA representative about submitting a drug test following an all night bender. Now that's access.

According to Dana White, Nick and Nate remain the hardest guys in the UFC to book for a fight and are turning down offered bouts left and right. To which Nate Diaz responded by calling White a f**ker who keeps making s**t up. We imagine the disconnect comes in the form of several hundred thousand dollars the Diaz brothers feel the UFC is trying to shortchange them by every time they compete. And now that both Nick and Nate aren't hand to mouth following Nate's double blockbusters with Conor McGregor, I wouldn't expect them to return unless the UFC ponies up the extra zero on those fight contracts.

Until then, you'll just have to enjoy more videos of them living it up, hanging with celebs, and smoking mad amounts of weed.

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