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Midnight Mania! Mike Perry discusses possibility of killing a man inside UFC’s Octagon

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MMA: UFC Fight Night-Ellenberger vs Perry Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Midnight Mania! Tonight, we’ve got Mike Perry talking about killing people, Al Iaquinta going HAM on fighter pay, Jimmie Rivera claiming TJ Dillashaw had no power when they sparred, Fabio Maldonado leaking massive amounts of blood, knockouts, head butts, and much more.

Going Platinum

Mike Perry is a ... well, he’s Mike Perry. The face-tattooed welterweight scored this brutal knockout of Jake Ellenberger last Saturday at UFC Fight Night 108. Afterward, he was asked if there was any concern for his opponent after putting him to sleep with a violent standing elbow. Perry immediately began talking about the possibility of killing a man inside the Octagon.

“I don’t think I’m the guy that’s gonna be the first dude to kill somebody in the UFC. I think that I have clean knockouts, and with a clean knockout people go to sleep, but then they wake up, and he’ll heal up, he’ll be fine, you know what I mean? People do this. We get hit every day. I’ve seen bad knockouts before. If that were to happen, I always pray for my protection, their protection, but ... I pray for victory, too, man. That’s how I win. That’s how I do it.”

It’s difficult to comment on Perry’s attitude here. Presumably, he’s expressing concern for Ellenberger’s safety, but no one asked him about killing anyone. This is clearly something he’s thought about ... and accepted. In the end, it comes out a little bit like Ivan Drago.

Bobs and Weaves

I posted this a few Midnight Manias ago, but Jimmie Rivera commented in an interview with Connor Ruebusch on this footage of himself and T.J. Dillashaw sparring, which is about four years old. He said Dillashaw has no power.

Fabio Maldonado has been in a VERY BLOODY accident that seems to have taken place in his household. The Instagram caption translates roughly, “I had an accident and I will go through a surgery rushed here in Sorocaba, I lost a lot of blood but God willing I will be well.”

Scene of the crime:

Perdi muito sangue mas graças a Deus já tô indo pra cirurgia

A post shared by fabio maldonado (@fabiomaldonado20176m) on

Pre-op meat shot:

Tive um acidente e irei passar por uma cirurgia às pressas aqui em Sorocaba,perdi muito sangue mas se Deus​quiser vou ficar bem,

A post shared by fabio maldonado (@fabiomaldonado20176m) on

Looks like he is okay, though:

Minha linda mana. @erica.maldonado.336 fico um tempão ontem comigo no quarto do hospital

A post shared by fabio maldonado (@fabiomaldonado20176m) on

Yoel Romero correcting the media on Twitter!

“Raging” Al Iaquinta living up to his nickname on “The MMA Hour,” following up on his “fuck you” tweets to UFC. He makes valid points:

JDS busting out the air guitar!

That’s not that much money, Dillon.

This desire is so pure, so right.

Tom Breese out with injury.

Here we go again.

A post shared by Tom Breese (@breesemma) on

How is this allowed??

Good to see Melvin is finally getting it together.

He apparently participated in a bareknuckle event, which must be how he found himself in the same room as Sweeney.

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

I missed this live:

Sparring can get very hard in these gyms.

This fighting style is called “Pachycephalosaurus:”

Someone else hit a Von Preux??

This was smooth.

Podcasts and Video

“The MMA Hour,” lasting 4:34:20

Jack Slack offers alternate commentary for Perry vs. Ellenberger:

UFC Fight Night 108 post-fight show with’s Flyin’ Brian J:

The Co-Main Event podcast:

The Severe MMA Podcast:

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