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New footage shows a beefed up Georges St-Pierre looking ready for his middleweight debut against Michael Bisping

St-Pierre has downplayed the effect Michael Bisping’s size advantage will play in their fight, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t bulking up to lessen the difference.

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While there’s still no date locked down for the Georges St-Pierre vs. Michael Bisping title match the UFC announced back at the start of March, both men are already preparing for the eventual date they step into the Octagon and fight. Looming over the heads of GSP's fans: the fact that Georges is a much smaller fighter than his UK opponent.

Michael Bisping competed for years at light heavyweight before cutting down hard to make 185 pounds. Meanwhile, St-Pierre has often described himself as a small welterweight that could make lightweight if he really tried.

If you ask Georges what he thinks of the size difference, he'll tell you it just means Michael Bisping will make a bigger boom when the Quebec fighter double legs him to the mat. That's a pretty good line, and I'm glad St-Pierre is taking the time to work on his witty replies and smack talk, considering the kind of dirty business we expect to hear coming out of Bisping's mouth. That's not the only thing he's working on, either. New training footage gives us a glimpse of 185 pound contender Georges, and he's already looking thicker than the 170 pound Georges we remember.

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Georges has always had a stellar reputation as a fighter that never allowed himself to get out of shape, and he kept himself in peak physical condition even through his semi-retirement years. And now that he's going for the middleweight belt, we're sure he's got an extensive regiment laid out to get him to the optimal size to compete with his larger opponent. It's going to be interesting seeing how much bulk he adds, and if it plays a significant part in a win or loss to Bisping.

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