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Video: UFC champ Tyron Woodley somehow got mixed up in ‘Furious’ feud between Vin Diesel and The Rock

I originally titled this critical piece of hard-hitting journalism as “Real fighter picks winner of fake fight,” but then I didn’t have much left to write about in the body, so we’ll go with my second choice.

And who — racist mixed martial arts (MMA) fans notwithstanding — doesn’t love a good Tyron Woodley story?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight kingpin was mingling at the “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” afterparty last weekend in Los Angeles when “Fast” & “Furious” movie star, Vin Diesel, confronted him about some online yammering.

“Vin Diesel yelled at me yesterday at the party because I said in a fight versus him and The Rock, I gave it to The Rock,” Woodley told TMZ Sports. “So he pulled up on me. Not in a violent way but he said ‘C’mon man, I would flex on The Rock.’ He said he would flex on The Rock. I’m starting trash!”

Don’t tell Auntie Ronda.

Diesel is (or was, depending on who you believe) embroiled in a feud with co-star and former WWE champion Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who appears alongside the mug-faced action star in the recently-released “Fate of the Furious” movie.

Woodley, meanwhile, is expected to return to the Octagon for some real fighting this July against an opponent to be named.

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