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UFC Nashville: Let’s all join Conor McGregor in praising Artem Lobov ... for losing

You didn’t lose bro, you finished second.


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion turned Russian cheerleader, Conor McGregor, is proud of his “Hammer” homie, Artem Lobov, for the performance turned in at UFC Fight Night 108.

Watch it again here.

Sure, Lobov was outclassed by 145-pound “old” guy Cub Swanson in the Nashville main event, which took place last Saturday night (April 22, 2017) on FOX Sports 1, but we shouldn’t let a silly little thing like facts (and a .500 record) rain on the “Notorious” parade.

“That was a great fight. Proud of my brother Artem! What a ride it's been for the Russian Hammer,” McGregor wrote on Instagram. “In a career filled with ups and downs he has never backed down from anything. Nothing but love and respect always my brother ❤.”

Take that, pussies.

McGregor and Lobov came up together on the local circuit before eventually hitting the big time. The former was able to earn his spot on the main stage by leaving a trail of bodies in his wake, while the latter had to prove his mettle on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) reality show.

I guess it was either that or Bellator.

For much more on last weekend’s UFC Nashville event click here.

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