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UFC Fight Night 108 results from last night: Cub Swanson vs Artem Lobov fight recap

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Swanson vs Lobov Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight hitters Cub Swanson and Artem Lobov clashed last night (April 22, 2017) at UFC Fight Night 108 inside Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.

It definitely says something about mixed martial arts (MMA) that this fight was actually made. We can’t complain too loudly, though, as Swanson agreed willingly. An easier opponent — at least on paper — and main event slot are tough to turn down, and Swanson walked into the cage looking to put on a show.

The first half of Lobov’s plan worked, in which he capitalized on his friendship with Conor McGregor and trash talk to secure a high-profile fight. The second half would be much more difficult, as it involved being locked in the cage with Swanson. Contrary to the expectations of most, the first round was quite close. After some brief exchanges, Lobov drove his opponent into the fence and scored a clinch takedown. He couldn't keep Swanson down for long, but he did land a nice uppercut on the break.

Back on the feet, the fighters kept a quick pace. Swanson switched stances often and stabbed at his foe with straight shots, whereas Lobov aimed for counter punches and low kicks. The two fighters finished the round trading at a solid pace, but it was Lobov who held the early edge.

Swanson upped the aggression a bit to start the second round, walking down his foe and firing off heavy shots. Lobov answered from Southpaw, landing a couple nice crosses of his own. Once again, the two moved into the clinch following an exchange. This time, Swanson was able to land a trip into top position. Swanson passed quickly into mount and then back mount, landing ground strikes and hunting for the choke.

Lobov managed to stand before the bell, but it was tied up heading into the third.

Swanson put some real distance between himself and "Russian Hammer" in the third round. The pace was beginning to wear on Lobov, which allowed Swanson to let loose with longer combinations and spinning techniques. A couple minutes into the round, Lobov was bloodied up, causing a brief inspection from the doctor. The fight continued, but the momentum did not shift, as Swanson continued to land the better strikes.

Lobov hung tough, but the momentum was clearly in Swanson's corner heading into the extra rounds. To his credit, Lobov tried to turn things around in the fourth. He came out with more volume, landing more crosses. Swanson's volume dropped a bit early, which allowed Lobov back into the fight. However, Swanson put a halt to Lobov's potential rally. He scored with a gnarly spinning elbow on the break in the clinch, and Swanson later rocked his foe with a right. Additionally, Lobov found no success trying to bring the fight to the mat.

Heading into the final frame, Lobov needed a knockout to win.

He didn't end up scoring the kill shot, but Lobov brought it in the final round. He scored early before jamming Swanson into the fence, controlling his foe for some time. The fighters eventually broke back to the center, where Swanson's heavy right hands and high kicks continued to damage Lobov. Additionally, Swanson put a cap on the round by landing a slick hip toss into dominant position. Lobov was able to work up and trade before the final bell, but there was no doubt whose hand would be raised.

This may not have been a blowout, but it was still a decisive victory for "Killer Cub." Lobov had his moments, but Swanson's superior head movement, clinch work, and conditioning allowed him to batter Lobov for the majority of the fight. Additionally, it was great to see Swanson's creativity on display across five rounds, as he really mixed in a huge number of techniques and showcased his full arsenal.

Next up, Swanson should return to facing top contention. In all likelihood, a match up with the winner of Frankie Edgar vs. Yair Rodriguez would make plenty of sense as a potential title eliminator.

As for Lobov, his stock definitely rose with this loss. He never came particularly close to a finish nor did he win any round aside from the first, but Lobov proved his durability and skill. In particular, his recent focus on low kicks has proven to be a great addition to his game, as they helped him slow down Swanson's excellent boxing. Despite his rough introduction to UFC, Lobov is clearly a UFC-level fighter, and there are definitely fun fights available for him in the future. For example, a slugfest with Shane Burgos could be an awesome fist fight.

Last night at UFC Fight Night 108, Cub Swanson put on a solid performance to defeat a game Artem Lobov. What is next for Swanson?

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