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Midnight Mania! Watch insane double knockdown to Samoan drop from LFA 10

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Welcome to Midnight Mania! It’s the weekend once again, so we have a double knockdown and Samoan drop at Legacy Fighting Alliance 10, a street fight involving a girl in a wheelchair, Amir Khan blasting Artem Lobov, Urijah Faber going off on TJ Dillashaw, and much, much more


This sequence is incredible. First, they knock each other down. Then, somehow, the fighter in the black and red shorts manages to pick the other fighter up in a fireman’s carry, slams him backwards, and still ends up in a crucifix (which was what blue shorts was going for the whole time)

You don’t often see that.

Bobs and Weaves

This is actually good poster art.

UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis posted this on his Instagram account. I don’t say this often, but what is wrong with people? How do you sit there and let this happen? An able-bodied girl slapping another girl in a wheelchair repeatedly? Not cool.


A post shared by Derrick Lewis (@thebeastufc) on

Don’t remind us of broken dreams, Tommy Toehold. We are due this rematch. We deserve it.

Somehow I missed Amir Khan putting Artem Lobov in his place for saying the most ridiculous stuff possible.

Urijah Faber had a lot to say about what he feels are conflicting reports from TJ Dillashaw on how he left Team Alpha Male. In Dillashaw’s defense, the way Faber set up Team Alpha Male, he makes money on most of the fighters that train there, so he has a vested interest in “loyalty”. There is no denying that things got ugly quickly with the messy split, and are still ugly, with Garbrandt calling Dillashaw a bitch after Dillashaw posted that violence is not the answer. Faber tells his side here:

I just read Miguel Torres’ retirement post, and it’s moving. Torres was an early bantamweight great, the best at 135 lbs. before Dominick Cruz. I once saw him compete in kickboxing, long after his UFC career. I didn’t think, watching him then, what athletes give of themselves in this sport.

Slips, Rips, Headkick Clips

This happened tonight in Bellator. (See full results and highlights from Bellator 178 here)

Reminds me of this unexpectedness from back in the day, on this day:

Pitbull won the main event with this guillotine:

Looks like her arm is broken

Nice armlock!

What a beatdown:

Baby you turn my head right round

This is old, but check out the great dropkick at 42 seconds of this video

What a comeback.

Some remember Yamato for his incredible war with American Muay Thai icon Kevin Ross.

There are lots of amazing fights happening this weekend.

Kyle Dake is a god on the mat.

What even is this?

In Other News

Stay woke, Maniacs!

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