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Jake Shields kicked off his rivalry with Dillon Danis by throwing coffee at him during the McGregor-Diaz press conference brawl

Submission Underground 4 on May 14 will feature a grappling match between Jake Shields and Dillon Danis to settle a grudge that started back at UFC 202.

Decorated jiu-jitsu practitioner Dillon Danis is set to make his MMA debut with Bellator sometime later this year, but first he'll be taking on some unfinished business with WSOF fighter Jake Shields at Submission Underground 4 on May 14th. The all-grappling promotion didn't have much trouble convincing Conor McGregor's BJJ coach to sign against Scrap Pack member Shields. According to Jake, Dillon hasn't liked him since the McGregor-Diaz bottle tossing incident leading up to UFC 202.

“I think Dillon’s just mad that I doused him with coffee," Shields told Submission Radio. "I threw the cup lightly cause Dillon’s really close to me and I got my target. So he’s little butthurt about that.”

Based on the emojis in this Instagram post, Danis certainly hasn’t forgotten:

May 14th at #SUG4 I will strangle Jacob Shields ☝ ☕️

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Back when the near riot went down, one of the best gifs to come out of the event was Jake Shields throwing his coffee with what many considered less than perfect form.


But according to Shields, the toss went exactly where it was supposed to: all over Danis.

“Oh, I got my target," he said. "I would have thrown it harder if I was trying not to get him, but Dillon was right there, so that’s who I was aiming for. I got him and a couple of Conor’s guys. Their shirts had coffee all over them. So I’ll see if I can find some pictures of him getting hit since he’s talking sh*t. He had coffee all over him. It was pretty funny. So yeah, I think he’s just mad that I got him good with the coffee. I know I saw him talking shit to Nate and I was like, ‘oh, f*ck this’ and I chucked it at him.”

“It’s funny, a lot of people were making fun and were talking sh*t on that. They don’t realize if you throw a full cup of coffee, if you chuck it like a baseball, that’s gonna fly open and so you’re not gonna get anything. So you gotta kind of lob it slowly so you hit your target – which I did perfectly.”

We'll see if he's able to execute his jiu-jitsu perfectly when he and Danis take things to the ground at Submission Underground 4.

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