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Conor McGregor: I'll fight Manny Pacquiao if Floyd Mayweather craps his jocks

Conor McGregor sends a message to his fans and Floyd Mayweather: if negotiations don’t work out, he’s willing to move on to other superfight options.

Manny Pacquiao v Jessie Vargas Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It's a good time to be Conor McGregor. Not only is the 28 year old at the top of the MMA world, he's quickly becoming one of the biggest names in all of sports. That popularity has allowed him to not only hand pick boxing legend Floyd Mayweather as his next opponent, but force his bosses at the UFC to make the fight happen.

But when it comes to negotiating the fight, McGregor's eagerness to grow from millions per fight to tens or even hundreds of millions means the already flush Floyd has the advantage when it comes to naming his price. UFC president Dana White has already basically confirmed this when he revealed a purse split for the superfight would probably end up with Mayweather making $100 million and McGregor $75 million.

Conor hit Instagram shortly after those comments were made to clarify he intended to make more than $100 million off the fight, implying White was underestimating how many pay-per-views the fight would sell. Later on he dropped another message to his fans, laying out how he'd make sure Floyd Mayweather won't try to force a less than reasonable split.

"The focus has been solely boxing lately but make no mistakes, the kicking and grappling aspects, and everything else got to do with unlimited free fighting, is still very much present in my thoughts," he wrote. "Floyd may crap his jocks after all and if so I will go back to true fighting or just pick another boxer like Manny or something."

That just tells you how crazy Conor McGregor is. While few people give him much of a chance against Floyd Mayweather in a boxing bout, Floyd's elusive style means McGregor at least has a chance of finishing the fight without getting knocked out cold. Pacquiao on the other hand blazed his trail to the top of the sport of boxing by beating people into bloody messes.

The power move from McGregor tells Floyd he has options, and it's always better to go into contract negotiations with a Plan B. But it also shows why Conor's fans love him so much: the guy doesn't just punch down. He's not pulling a Georges St-Pierre and angling for the biggest fight against the easiest opponent. He wants to make the biggest fight in the world, and if that means going toe to toe in a brawl with Pacquiao instead of battling the range and movement of Mayweather, he'll do it.

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