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Georges St-Pierre: Michael Bisping’s size advantage makes for bigger boom when he hits the floor

MMA: UFC 209-Weigh Ins Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight champion Michael Bisping will obviously go in with a huge size advantage when he defends his title against former Welterweight kingpin, Georges St-Pierre, sometime this year.

For “Rush,” it will make no difference, as he says size is the only advantage “The Count” will have over him, as he strongly feels he is the more well-rounded fighter and athlete between the two.

Besides Bisping’s size over St-Pierre equates to a bigger impact when he goes crashing to the canvas, according to the French-Canadian fighter.

“Of course, Michael Bisping will be bigger than me, but that will be the only advantage he will have. I believe technically, tactically, athletically, I got all the edge on him,” said St-Pierre during a recent interview with RT Sport.

“It doesn’t matter if he’s taller or bigger than me. The only difference it’s going to make is that when he hit the floor it’s going to make a bigger boom.”

Did “Rush” just predict a knockout victory?

For St-Pierre, his extended time off from the fight game allowed him to put on some weight the right way. And since he and Bisping currently don’t have a date attached to their 185-pound title fight, Georges is still currently adding more mass to his body.

“I’m not a big welterweight. I’m an average, middle-sized welterweight. Now that I had some time off, I took the time to gain a little bit of weight. So I made sure it’s well done,” said St-Pierre.

“I was never afraid to fight at 185, the problem is when you train, you need to train with bigger guys. And in order to train with bigger guys, sometimes it has more chance to have injuries. Now is the perfect opportunity to do it because I had some time off an still putting on weight,” he concluded.

Bisping recently declared that if “Rush” doesn’t grow a pair and sign on the dotted line, he will gladly give the title fight to Yoel Romero (or Robert Whittaker). To hear St-Pierre tell it, it’s all posturing on the part of the Brit, who knows deep down the only fight he truly wants is one against him since it will give him the most money in his pockets.

And based on this bit of news, the much-anticipated title fight could go down sooner, rather than later.

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