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Video: Russia creates gun-wielding murder-bot, names it FEDOR

What happens when SKYNET meets ROBOCOP?

Your get F.E.D.O.R., the Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research android that can wield a pair of deadly pistols and teach itself to do simple tasks, like drive a car and murder you in your sleep.

Cool robot, bro.

The name will be instantly recognizable to mixed martial arts (MMA) fans, at least those with brains in their skulls, because it’s the same as Fedor Emelianenko, the former PRIDE FC Heavyweight champion who was also compared to a cyborg because of his ability to absorb damage while destroying his opponents.

With an icy, lifeless stare.

I wouldn’t worry about the metal FEDOR coming to ruin your weekend plans just yet, as I’ve yet to see a robot that can successfully navigate a flight of stairs. They call that the “ED-209” effect.

Not really, but I have a word count to hit, so just go with me on that one.

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