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Georges St-Pierre claims size advantage won't save middleweight champ Michael Bisping

In a new interview with RT Sport, Georges St-Pierre explains why he’s moving up to 185 pounds now and what he expects from opponent Michael Bisping.

As far as Georges St-Pierre is concerned, size doesn't matter when it comes to his upcoming UFC middleweight title shot against Michael Bisping.

Speaking to RT Sport while in Russia to corner training partner Yukinori Akazawa, St-Pierre went into detail on his thought process moving up a weight class for the first time in his career.

“I’ve never been afraid to compete at 185 pounds," Georges said. "It’s not to fight at 185, the problem is when you train, you need to train with bigger guys and in order to train with bigger guys, it has more chance to have injuries. So that’s the thing. But now is the perfect opportunity for me to do it. I had some time off. I took some time to gain some weight. I’m still putting on some weight.”

“Of course Michael Bisping will be bigger than me but I believe that will be the only advantage that he will have — his size. Technically, tactically, athletically, I have all the edges on him. It doesn’t matter if he’s taller and bigger than me. The only difference that it’s gonna make is when he hits the floor, it’s gonna make a bigger boom.”

As for when the fight will go down, Georges claimed he expected the date to end up sometime in the summer once he took care of unspecified USADA clearances. That's in contrast to rumors that St-Pierre was pushing for a date early in the fall, rumors that got so loud that Michael Bisping responded to them by threatening to pull out of the fight if it didn't come together soon. But GSP isn't worried.

"I think he’s lying,” he said in response to Bisping's words. “I know he wants to fight me and I want to fight him and this fight’s gonna give him more money."

"There's no date yet because we have to go through a lot of USADA process, so before we're cleared to fight we have to go through that process and some other stuff going on. But soon we should have a date."

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