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UFC on FOX 24 results: Demetrious Johnson bloodies, taps Wilson Reis to make UFC history

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Kansas City Weigh Ins Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Demetrious Johnson put his Flyweight title on the line for the tenth consecutive time in the main event of UFC on Fox 24 "Johnson vs. Reis," which took place inside Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri, tonight (Sat., April 15, 2017).

For “Mighty Mouse,” the win put him alongside Anderson Silva for all-time consecutive title defenses in UFC. For Reis, this is the chance of a lifetime against the greatest flyweight of all time.

There was no glove touch. Mighty Mouse opened with a leg kick. He threw up a high kick off Reis’ arms. Reis was feinting, and missed on a left hand counter. Johnson landed another inside leg kick. Johnson slipped, got back up and threw a high kick in combination immediately, in a stunning display of quickness. Johnson circled out of Reis’ pressure, and Reis got a takedown very briefly before Johnson used a whizzer to get right back up. Wilson was using a pendulum side-to-side motion with his head as he moved forward that was a bit reminiscent of his teammate Dominick Cruz. He slipped and rolled under a Johnson combination. He shot again, but Johnson turned the corner and got out, landing a hard combination off the break.

They got into the clinch in the center of the cage to begin the second round, and Johnson shucked Reis to the side. They exchanged. Johnson grabbed a single-leg and got the clinch from the back briefly, landing a side knee. Reis threw up a flying knee that was nowhere close. Johnson hit a body kick. Reis threw an inside leg kick. Reis kept trying to cut off the cage, but Johnson would not stay in front of him, and Reis had trouble tracking him down. He landed a nice counter left hand as Johnson kicked. Johnson jabbed, circling, then hit a nice body kick. Johnson circled to an inside angle and hit a right hand. Johnson was well in control, with Reis coming up short on everything he threw. Reis landed on his back after a missed kick catch, and Johnson pounced, landing hard hammerfists from the top to close out the second round.

Johnson started the third round with more of the same, circling, jabbing, and sniping with his right hand. Reis landed a couple leg kicks. He ate two punches and shot for a takedown that Demetrious stuffed easily. Johnson kicked him hard in the body. Johnson stepped in with a right hand and stayed in the pocket to time a hard body kick. Mighty Mouse hit a hard body kick, circled, jabbed. He hit a takedown as Reis followed him, stood over Reis after a scramble and landed a nice hammerfist. He forced Reis to his back with a choke, landing in his preferred side control. Reis regained guard, and Jonshon landed several hard elbows. He transitioned back to half guard, then to full mount, raining down punishment. He transitioned to his favorite armbar, and Reis tapped out! Demetrious Johnson has now tied Anderson Silva’s title defense record, and reinforces his place as the greatest flyweight of all time.

In the post-fight interview, Johnson thanked the crowd, asked for a seven-figure payday, and screamed in triumph to close out the interview with Stann.

Official result: Demetrious Johnson def. Wilson Reis via submission (armbar) at 4:49 of Round 3

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